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  1. Georgia

    hi to all

  2. I always go visiting interested, but people think oh gosh it is her again, LOL
  3. Drinking is not the answer, look for a different job, something you enjoy doing, you may have a hidden talent you did not know about, anything is possible, I completely changed my life when I go divorced, you have to. Good Luck.
  4. Hello, how are you doing today?

  5. Listened to Led Zeppelin, in my beautiful bedroom, in my beautiful appartment. :thanku:
  6. Another day, busy instore, and yes another Starbuckes>>>
  7. Only one word to say Awesome, I guess.
  8. I think it is nice to be single at christmas, you never know who you will meet, under the christmas tree, ohh I live in hopes LOL
  9. Robert Plant is a very nice person.
  10. I am so very sorry for your loss, I am sure someone will help you here.
  11. Every question, should be addressed, nothing wrong with that. John Paul Jones parents were both musical teachers I think so the influence was born into him.
  12. Someone I know has just rung me on my mobile to say *Have you heard the exciting news, NO what I said, LED ZEPPELIN ARE HEADLINING IN GLASTONBURY, 2008, can someone tell me if this is true or another rumour, thank you.
  13. End of the day, Finished work, nice to get home, Starbucks coffee on the way.
  14. I can recall one, but love in the end turned to hate, he was an abusive liar, and womaniser, now I am single, and that suit s me, without all the worry of a relationship, just for now.
  15. Waking up this morning to a scene of white in the city,looks like christmas now,as I walked to work.
  16. Georgia

    Where Are You?

    West central London. City.
  17. On an interview about his broken finger, on you tube, it showed a real close of Jimmy not only is his hair white it is also thinning on top very quickly.
  18. I am no prude, but I do not for the sake of exceptionally young people on this board 13 is the age I have encounted, then one should be careful what you actually do say!!!!!!
  19. Oh I am sorry to hear that, hope all will be well.
  20. Georgia


    went out for a friend, in between working today at luchtime had a lovely fresh salad, and Blueberry sweet, very nice, could not have a glass of wine working so had a coffee, and my god the weather is dry sunny and damm cold.
  21. No problem, it is not my taste but we are all different.
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