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    Has anyone

    i agree with that, now I do believe that they were greatly inspired by welsh legends,such as Owain |Glyndwr, \the welsh prince of Wales in the 14th century, a lot of their songs relate to Castles, magic, legends, just my thoughts,.
  2. He has had some pictures, taken of himself in his time, wonderful thank you for posting that...................................
  3. oh my god that is so true it would be wonderful ,if he was here.
  4. Stormy,rainy and so depressing, oh for sunshine.
  5. My brother John Henry Bonham, by his brother Mick Bonham.
  6. I never eat chocolate, I love to chop up fresh fruit,anything does not matter, berries especially blueberries,my favourite.
  7. I love that song, wonderful.
  8. When I read what Jason did with the drums sticks, a tear came into my eyes, what a lovely thing to do, it shows what a lovely guy he is, he takes after his dad,who would of been so proud of him. Sheer beautiful and amazing.
  9. I should not think so, with the lives they lead they will have no time.
  10. It is not boring in England, especially London beautiful city.
  11. There are a lot of rumors, floating around, I think something will be announced soon, as to if they are going to do a world tour, if I could make a guess, after the success of the 02 I would say yes. cross fingers.
  12. If your talking about the one with the little boy with a mass of curly hair, yes that is Karac, who died back in the seventies, of a stomach infection, while Robert was in the USA on tour.
  13. Georgia

    The Nut Bar

    Silk, beautiful music, luxury,amazingly beautiful --------- that s me.
  14. There is no gate there is a path and then your there on top of it,it is all open.
  15. I can t say yet, but I am sure he will say something soon, then I can.
  16. I have actually found someone since I spoke to you last, early days but I am happy.
  17. Georgia


    just being happy, keeping healthy, and Zeppelin touring.
  18. Having a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers given to me.
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