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  1. Well, if you count me as your mate, yes belated Happy Christmas, and a very happy new year.
  2. why not post a picture of when you were very young, then no- one will know what you look like now, I would love to see what you looked like, but schhh we won t tell LOL
  3. Georgia

    Has anyone

    In the Daily Mail today there is a very interesting article about The Battle of Evermore which features the retelling of the Lord of the rings, and a picture of Sandy Denny, and the history of the song.
  4. Georgia

    Random Facts

    What on earth is wrong with you?
  5. Georgia


    Red wine. delicious.
  6. Two things here: She may of been frightened by something, or she may have an infection, don t shout at her take her to the Vets to see if he or she will check for infection or another possible cause, do let us all know how she doing.
  7. Georgia

    Random Facts

    Just come back from a lovely lunch with friends I have not seen ain awhile so lots of catching up to do, where does time go? sometimes it would be nice to slow it down,for just awhile,maybe!!!!!!!!
  8. These threads do not warrant an answer really, if they were not the best rock group ever, then we would not be on here, would we? just a little immature,to ask?really
  9. Jimmy Page has five children 3 small ones the others grown up Robert Plant has three grown up kids, he had four and one died. John Paul Jones has 3 grown up daughters. John Bonham has two grown up kids.
  10. It looks really really pretty, I hate it when you have to take Christmas trees down and everything looks bare............
  11. Get the old version of the song remains the same if you want to see their families back in the 1970 s, and books are another way of finding things out, hope this helps Claudia,and Scarlet.
  12. The Dvd of TSRTS (not the updated one) the old one, if you can get hold of this then you will see some of their family members on there,and look at Zeppelin Books, to have more information as well. But you must remember - they do, as you would if you were famous like to keep a certain amount of privacy. Hopes this helps, it is good to read about the history.
  13. Well lets hope you get to meet him one day then. I have met him, and he is lovely.
  14. Your so right there brspled, they certainly do.
  15. Georgia

    Speed Dating.

    is this a thread about P.H. or what?
  16. No thats not the one, they are sitting round a kitchen table
  17. Surely this thread should not be Happy New Year.
  18. Exactly. I was scared they would die before they reached Court, LOL
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