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  1. Great! i was just thinking the same, which is good, as it seems I had not been on this forum for five years! time sure flies, it was almost 28 years ago since I saw JP on stage! Keep on rockin'
  2. Hi, a matter of taste, although I love both the early versions and the bst of ´73 from Austria and Germany my personal favorite is the one from Seattle 1975 (March 21st) and the other late 1975 versions...somehow just so floating and free... Cheers, Percy
  3. Thanks, I enjoyed this one very much. But find it a bit odd they did this "gig" without it being advertized anywhere. Is the idea with these sorts of things that the producer (?) gets to fill the venue with his friends? I saw them two nights later in Munich and I don't know if it was just the venue, but IMO they appeared louder, heavier and harder, "Warsaw" had more jamming, but not as much guitar solos. I have it on MD so it's not just a question of live perception. It's great to see them up so close, I could not really tell Dave was singing and what all of Jonesy's instruments were fr
  4. Nice! If I try and see it all I get is: "Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why? If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice. Go to Radio channels home page" Well anyway, Jimmy did pretty much rip it off Bert Jansch' "Blackwater Side" and AFAIK it's traditional anyway. But I guess it was a great inspiration and did lead him to "Kashmir" and "Midnight Moonlight" among other things. Cheers, Percy
  5. Ok, ok, fine. You guys (or gals) seem to know one another well. I did read through it, but did not get it. What stirred me was her saying that Robert wasn't a particularly lively vocalist either. But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion. IMO he's very lively. Cheers, Percy
  6. I'm not! It was you who said: I was only reacting to you staing "I don't think Plant was ever a particularly lively vocalist, either." which IMO is not really true, it's like the 1st album and promotional material said: Robert Plant : vocals and harmonica I know it's not what some people expect from a "vocalist", some critics called him a wailing banshee or something at the time, but IMO he was/is one of the greatest living blues vocalists. Of course his idea of blues just like mine, is not coming from North America where blues was born, but a different interpretation, and I like it.
  7. Hi, It's not supposed to be comparing vocalists, but different kinds of (rock, blues) songs and styles. I didn't say you're not impressed by Mr. Homme, but someone did. I simply pointed out that some songs are created without the need for a vocalist in the style of an opera singer. I think Homme's voice works very well within the TCV context and it is obvious he does not even try to do anything Robert used to do. Cheers, Percy
  8. Sorry! (answering my own questions) There is! (Germany 1970) BUT it does not have any authentic sound and it's been edited into a "music video" having Celebration Day play in the background and relate to it, so it makes it soft of impossible to follow what's going on. The Japanese web site version seems 100% chronological and logical. Except I don't think they could have taken the train to Berlin in those days, could they? But it's likely they took the train down from Düsseldorf. Does anyone in Germany know more about this? Cologne (July 16th) and Essen (July 17th) were nearby and near
  9. Cool! I had seen the 5-6 min edit many times before, very nostalgic (I think Chris Welch' 8mm) BUT never before a version which also includes LIVE footage, that's Dazed in Berlin 1970 , shot from backstage, supercool! If that's not on this site yet, it should be! Cheers, Percy
  10. What is it with news readers? AGAIN "The" Led Zeppelin..."The"? (just like the UK news interview from 1970) Hilarious! Cheerio, Percy
  11. Thanks! BTW I have been here for about two years, I just don't have a habit of posting unless I think I have something to say. Which is not very often! But as I could not make it to O2 I've only had the 100+ recordings to bury myself into. Now thanks to TCV I got another good one. Although the sound was so loud it bottomed the mic a couple of times. And the crowd was wild, I'm not blaming them, but personally I like to be able to follow what's going on on-stage. Keep it up! Percy
  12. Geesh, it's so subjective, isn't it? Some folks can't stand the voice of Robert Plant, or Kate Bush, and others just love them. (But I would bet most people on this forum at least like RP and the rest just adore him!) IMO Plant definitely is a "vocalist", whatever it means, but talking about singing guitar (or bass, or drum) playing songwriters and their bands, I don't think Josh has anything to be ashamed of in comparison to the singing capabilities of say Hendrix, Clapton, Gilmour to name a few. In their music they don't need a Pavarotti, Mercury or Dio, do they? TCV is the best ne
  13. Hi there, I saw them in Munich and wrote a review of the gig on the www.themcrookedvultures.com web site. http://www.themcrookedvultures.com/us/event/2009/12/06/zenith-munich-germany BTW there is a forum there too, which is more appropriate for discussing TCV, though there is a strong link to LZ too, I had never seen JPJ on stage before and man does he rock! The "unreleased song" is called "Highway 1" and AFAIK it has been played throughout the tour. http://www.themcrookedvultures.com/sites/vultures6/files/imagecache/preview/Set%20List%20Sneak%20Peak.jpg In Munich the gig laste
  14. Well, I suppose this must depend upon one's personal sense of humor. One of my favourites (unintentional ones) is the one from Dallas 1973 where he manages to include some extra lyrics into Celebration Day: "Get me some monitors, Rusty!" Dah-dah-daaa, dah-dah-dahwn! Cheers!
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