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  1. What's on my mind? Wouldn't you like to know?! ;)

  2. Ok - I haven't been here in a few millennia (or thereabouts). This new format came as a shock when I saw it - although I do prefer it! Still using the same name, though - some things never change! *waves to Pilot* Didn't I see you at the Waterfront?!
  3. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I'm right with you on that, Kat. I actually find it difficult and uncomfortable to look at some of those pictures of Jimmy where he's so painfully thin. If we are talking about sex appeal - for me, he has bags more of it today, as a healthy 65 year old, than he did then as an emaciated, drug/alcohol addicted 33 year old. Drug or alcohol addiction does nothing for anyone's attractiveness, IMHO. Just my tuppence-worth. Anyway, here's one of my recent favourites of a very healthy looking Jimmy:
  4. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yep - it is. I've been doing a bit of digging and I found several photos, most of which show the house from the opposite side, but this one looks to have been taken from the same side of the house as the one in the photo with Jimmy: Slightly off topic, sorry folks!
  5. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Some really great photos here - I love that B&W one from the O2, thanks for posting that, 3hrsoflunacy Regarding the above photo from Spacewoman - to me, that looks very much like Boleskine House in the background - can anyone confirm that? (Edit - mangled grammar )
  6. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    That one is just crying out for a caption! Look at the expressions on Jimmy and Bonzo's faces Whoops, sorry - this isn't the caption thread!
  7. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    There are some of the best photos of Jimmy I've ever seen in this thread - a big thank you to Ev for starting it! I have to confess that I much prefer "proper" photos to endless screen caps ... Anyway, here's one of my favourites:
  8. My very best wishes to all our Stateside friends - I hope you all have a very happy 4th July - enjoy! Edit: typo
  9. Wow, Leddy - that's great news! I can't imagine what I'd do if I couldn't drive for any length of time - public transport outside of major cities is just pants Anyway, random fact about me: I'm a very light sleeper. Which is a real pain in this hot weather, when I have to sleep with the windows open!
  10. Hot and sticky, too hot for me (unless I'm on holiday - and I'm not )
  11. I found this amazing photo by P S Zollo on Flickr: Robert at the Grammys 2009 I hope he or she doesn't mind me posting this link - I'm not a Flickr member so couldn't contact him/her to ask. Given that I've properly accredited the photo, I hope I'm not breaking any rules.
  12. Walking down the street in Budapest recently, I spotted this outside a jewellers' window:
  13. Bloody hell, Ev - I just looked you up on YouTube - WOW, can you play! Amazing!
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