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  1. My videos from Saturday night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVG-RB-PLjs
  2. Some people never learn, sadly. And hi, Slave and Knebby! :wave:
  3. Bring it on - I've made space on my DVD shelf
  4. Haven't been on here since ... well, forever. Hi reswati! I was at the gig too - in fact, the "Gallows Pole" clip above is mine, and the reason for the video jigging up and down is that the floor was bouncing beneath my feet, in spite of my best efforts to stand still. As ledded1 has said, it was a great, fun night, with Robert in good, relaxed form. There was a "loose" feel to the band, as you would expect for a first gig. Looking forward to seeing them in London in July too. Dave Lewis of Tight But Loose has posted a nice review of the gig which you can read on his website http://www.t
  5. I haven't been on here in aaaaages! Nice to see you here as well as that other place, Pilot and Aqua ... and hi Levee, I think I remember you from way back when I used to visit this board regularly!
  6. What's on my mind? Wouldn't you like to know?! ;)

  7. Literally Speaking, I am so sorry for your loss. It's been a couple of months since I logged on here, so I've only just heard the sad news. My condolences to you and your family. Like so many others here, I will miss Charles' wit, humour and amazing positive attitude to life. Our loss is heaven's gain. RIP Charles.
  8. Ok - I haven't been here in a few millennia (or thereabouts). This new format came as a shock when I saw it - although I do prefer it! Still using the same name, though - some things never change! *waves to Pilot* Didn't I see you at the Waterfront?!
  9. Lilith


    I haven't been on the forum in absolutely ages, but something made me log on tonight and I saw this. I'm so terribly sad to hear this news - although I didn't know Charles well, he was always such a great guy to chat to, with a great sense of humour and a real inner strength. I always felt that he knew the enormity of the battle that faced him, but that he would fight every step of the way. If the power of prayer and positive thoughts can help, then there are bucketloads of both coming your way, Charles. Whatever may happen, you have touched the hearts and lives of so many people who thi
  10. Charles, I haven't been around here for some time, but when I lurked briefly today and saw your post, I just had to log in, for the first time in ages. I am so glad to hear that you are recovering, and as others have said, you're a real inspiration. Your courage and sense of humour have been both wonderful and humbling, given the circumstances, and if ever anyone deserved to recover from such an ordeal, it's you. I raise a glass to you, and I'd salute you as well, except I'd spill my beer if I did!
  11. Lilith

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I'm right with you on that, Kat. I actually find it difficult and uncomfortable to look at some of those pictures of Jimmy where he's so painfully thin. If we are talking about sex appeal - for me, he has bags more of it today, as a healthy 65 year old, than he did then as an emaciated, drug/alcohol addicted 33 year old. Drug or alcohol addiction does nothing for anyone's attractiveness, IMHO. Just my tuppence-worth. Anyway, here's one of my recent favourites of a very healthy looking Jimmy:
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