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  1. The reason I choose these songs is that if you did not have Bonzo's imput. The songs would not be as good. Even Robert Plant said that without Bonzo. The band would have sounded lousy. If we think about it. Bonzo is more on par with Hendrix as being a master on his instument than Page is.
  2. Does anyone know why Page stopped using a Telecaster from Zeppelin 2 and on and went with his iconic sunburst Les Paul. Only using a Acoustic or Double neck for other songs? Does anyone know what it is about the Les Paul that does it for Zeppelin sonically or is Pages personality more dominant when it comes to expressing himself on the Les Paul more than the Telecaster. Psychologically when you listen to LZ 1 and the other albums does it change the way you hear the songs? Seems to me like The Telecaster has a more shreading sound to it than the Les Paul Is a Les Paul more of a
  3. Yes I missed Moby Dick. I want to do the same thing with Plant/Page/JPJ at sometime. To me these are signiture tunes that can't be dynamic without Bonzo. Without out anyone of them actually. Yet Bonzo put his stamp on it.
  4. For me starting from the first recordings. GTBT/BGLY/HMMT WLL/WIAWSNB/RO/BOH IS/CD/SIBLY/OOTT BD/RR/MMH/4S/WTLB SRTS/TO/TC/NQ CP/TR/IMTOD/K/10YG ALS/FYL FITR/IGC Royal Albert Hall/SRTS-Live
  5. When you listen to LZ. Who dominates in terms of playing and presence. For me Its Page then Plant/Bonzo/Jones. Then again it depends on the song.
  6. So who do we put in the same catagorie with Page in terms of Rock and Roll Guitar? Tony Iommi/Santana/Jeff Beck/Pete Townsend/Hendrix. Who is not JP's peer. Steve Vai/Eddie Van Halen/Joe Satriani Angus Young/Keith Richards.
  7. Kingzoso. Can you expand on what you mean that Zep were better than The Who? In terms of player vs player? When you hear The Who. When it comes to concert and sound how do they sound to your ears. Weak? I just lean towards Zeppelin as it sound right to my ears. They just seem to know what they are doing. The Who just seem to me to bash things out. They don't really go into layered songs that Zep do like Dazed and How many more Times etc.
  8. So Chase are you saying because of the Page/JPJ studio knowledge and Page being a Producer that Zeppelin had more artistic control than The Who? Or was it at the time that Zep formed. Bands had more artistic control in 1969 than in the early 60's.
  9. Funny that Moon and Bonahm are both revered as the best drummers of rock and roll along with Neil Piert of Rush. Even bands that are supposed to be the big Rock/Roll bands like the Beatles and Stones. Their Drummers are not as influencial as B/M/P.
  10. I guess with Zeppelin its a journey. The Who its more a specticle. Like when is PT going to break his guitar. For me. Zep have songs within songs for the most part. HMMTimes and Dazed have a more layered song structure. The Who structure is more poppy. I guess its like this with most classic bands. When they first start they have pop melodies in their songs. Later they come into their identity. For me Zep maintained their ID from Zep 1 to Pressence and then went poppy on ITTOD.
  11. Does anyone know if Zep would put RAH out on CD/MP3? Its such a great concert and captures Zep in killer mode.
  12. Everyone knows I like a VS post. Anyways whats the difference in your mind between the two? I used the Who to vs Zep in the sense that both bands are on par with each other in the popular culture when it comes to Rock and Roll. To me The Who were more standing up to the man and had more of a political bent to thier music. Zeppelin were more about getting laid and more the sexual side of love/Mysitcal adventures. THe Who seemed to be more about bashing the music into the listener head, much like punk. Zeppelin had light and shape. More mysticle in thier approch where you wonde
  13. When you listen to both these bands. What do you think is the difference between their guitar riffs in your mind? AC/DC seem to introduce their guitar riffs with a bang, with power chords. Zeppelin go into the riffs in a swirly way most of the time. They don't do the power chord thing most of the time. GTBT is one of the songs they have that power chord thing going on. They just seem to go into motion, like a rollercoster ride. Zeppelin also like putting different movement into songs. Like if you drop the needle into different parts of the song. A new listner might think they are
  14. MMHop sounds better studio than live. Everything else is on par or better live. All the tracks on HOTH sound better live than they do studio.
  15. So technically Robert Plant was 19 when Zep formed and 20 when LZ 1 came out and 21 when LZ 2 came out. Thats pretty young.
  16. Hello there Dark Lord my fellow Canuck. I was just curious. Because some bands needed time to get aquainted in the public eye when it comes to music. Its not like Def Leppard of Bon Jovi or even Judas Priest were massive when their first album hit. In my neck of the woods. Led Zeppelin is very popular. Funny thing I as a Black man, am more into them than the music I should have been more into like 1980's hip hop and I don't know what it is. My ear are very tailor made for music like Led Zeppelin and all their peers. I really think they and the band of their generation really made
  17. With today's bands struggling to make it big. It seems like a lot bands don't have the staying power, and can't bang out a lot of albums these days. Did Zeppelin hit right away for those of you that grew up with them. I was born in 1971 and I did not have a feel for them until 1988 when Robert Plant was in his Now and Zen phase.
  18. So what does everyone here want to see in a the guise of new Led Zeppelin product? Unrelased material, even though Jimmy Page has said that everything is all ready mined and out. Royal Albert Hall CD with missing songs that were not on the DVD like Heartbreaker and Long Tall Sally. Unreleased material from live shows that are cleaned up. Anything else please feel freel to chime in. I personally would like to get ahold of a great sound board of Royal Albert Hall or anything from 69 to 71.
  19. In my neck if the woods. I have seen ITTOD in the bargin bin out of all the albums that Zep produced. I guess my question is that to my ears. Zep 1 and ITTOD seem so extreme to me. If I listen to Presence. I can still feel that old school Zep. ITTOD sound like they got back together after being apart for 10 yrs. It just sound flat. Its not like when Zep reformed that they do ITTOD songs. I know they did some ITTOD stuff when Page and Plant went out on there solo stuff. Presence at least had 2 songs at the O2. Why could Zep not fit in at least Fool in the Rain. They could have
  20. So when you hear the albums. Do they sound like they are from the same band? What is better or worse about the extreems of both era's. To me its like 1979 was a period where no one wanted to rock except Judas Priest/AcDc. ITTOD sound like and album in 1979 and it sounds poppy and dated. I really can't make the connection from ITTOD to LZ its like I am listening to 2 different bands. Even Jimmys guitar army sound weak. Bonzo is the only one that seems to sound the same. I wonder why there is such a difference. When I listen to other bands they don't sound that different. Even the
  21. How does Dazed sound better/longer? I don't notice the difference on Remastered Dazed.
  22. Ginger is coming off like a bitter old man. Why bother trash them. Bonzo and Moon always come up as the #1 and 2 in world wide best rock drummers. Along with Neil Piert from Rush. Bonzo's playing suited Zeppelin, thats why the reforms have always been hard because Bonzo added a lot of color to Zep. Think about how hip hop has taken his beats to the next level.
  23. I was listing to song by Govt Mule called Lola leave your light on. It was mention in one of the other sections under Song that sound like Zep by other bands. ALthough the song had a Zep like structure Kind of like a Wanton Song slowed down vibe. The singer Warren Haynes is a great vocalist. Yet I found his vocals a bit to maid back. It got me thinking. That Plants vocals for Zeppelin really matched the band so well that its like his vocal intensity and character are like another guitar for the most part. What do you all think. If Plants vocals were like a guitar do you feel
  24. Which one does it for you? Is it even or does one stand out better. It is really hard. I say I RAH for me. I like seeing Zep raw. SRTS I see them as more slick in my mind. Does anyone know if RAH would be released on MP3/CD and include Long Tall Sally?
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