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  1. The Now and Zen concert was great. The way I would say the show was like how you would see Def Leppard right now. Thats the way it came off to me. On Heven Knows and Billy's Revenge. Robert reved his voice up to Zeppelin level.

  2. My review. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I hope Jason comes out with a CD/MP3/DVD of this tour. I hate the song Thank you. Somehow when I head it with the clips. I teared up. I am not a crier by any stretch. I thought that the song selection was excellent. Jason took the Mystical aspects of Zeppelin and created a set list that was awesome. I went to that concert on 3 hrs sleep and had to work nights at the hospital. I sucked in every moment of it. I liked that fact that Jason had some class and was not swearing his head off like Motley Crew. As it stands now. Zep is my favorite band of all time. Only rivaled by James Brown. I wish that Jason would continue this as a regular thing. I would go every year. I hope he mixes up the set list. highlights for me were. When the Levee breaks. The Lemon song. Babe IGLY. Immigrant song. Even Stairway was done great. I am surpised that Zep did not play WTLB. Jason did a great job with that one.
  3. Thank you everyone for the B-day wishes. Godbless you all and Led Zeppelin

  4. I like Robert's vocals from Sunshine baby and I gotta move. Both are Zep bootleg songs. I also like the Lemon Song. Anything where Robert is grooving. I like. Mc7
  5. Heart is that band that got me into Zeppelin. I am 38, I grew up with Heart being a major part of my teenage music lifestyle. They are the female Zeppelin. The only thing that is the differnece between Heart and Zep, is that Heart does not Jam in thier sets currently, they play by the numbers. Only in the 70's did they Jam a lot. Heart can really ride a heavy groove when they want to. Just because they are girls, don't mean that they can't rock. Devlis Delight is thier take on When the Levee breaks. Barracuda is bassically the child of ALStand and Immigrant Song. Crazy on you is Babe IGL you. Magic Man is FYLife, BeBe Le Strange is Kashmir/Black Dog. Ann Wilson is the Female Robert Plant, just As Stevie Nicks is the female Rod Stewert. Nancy Wilson is the female Jimmy Page on Acoustics. Nancy does not do the crazy solos electrically like Page does. She would be more like Malcom Young from AcDc. If you get a chance, see them. They really put on a great set. Heart standout songs are Barracuda, Crazy on you, Magic Man. Mc7
  6. My take on both bands is that AcDc is pure Rock and Roll. Led Zeppelin is more Rock and Soul. AcDc is like a Drag Race or Nascar. LZ is Formula 1 Racing. As I have said before. If you want pure adenalin. Then listen to AcDc. If you want more variety and moods and want to feel that you have gone on a Journey, then Zep is your best bet. Mc7
  7. I love both bands. I think that they are both different tastes. I think that AcDc are Cheeseburgers and Fries with Coke. Led Zep are gourmet meal with Red/White wine. To do an objective take on both bands, we need to look at the band members. AcDc Bon Scott, has a voice of a criminal mastermind. He is more bad boy than Robert Plant. He is like a storyteller that sings. He has a lot of attitude, but he can't really do any vocal gymnastics. AcDc Brian Johnson sound like a wearwolf. He sound like he is howling away, but he can't sustain his vocal bar. Angus Young is like Chuck Berry on Crack or being electricuted. He has a lot of adenaline in his riffs and lead solos. I can feel everyone of his licks. He has a real great sense of playing his lines great. Its almost like he is a great actor with cool lines. Every single solo from Angus young fits well. Malcom Young is like his brother except that he stays on point with his riffs that just bash you in the head. The Drummer and Basist just stay on course and have great rhythem. They are steady and strong and don't do anything fancy. On to Zep. Jimmy Page is a great guitarist. He is versatyle and he can twist his guitar inside out. He also makes his guitar like a magic wand. Robert Plant vocals are mystical, he can stretch his vocals and his lyrics have great feel to them. JPJ is a versatyle player with a great sense of funk and soul in his playing in a understated way. Bonzo is a Gorilla on the hunt and can make his drums sound like a tribal warriors ready to battle. In my assesment. AcDc rocks hard all the time, but they have less great songs as a whole. Zep has better songs, but they don't have to go crazy and nuts like AcDc. Its hard to say who is the best. If you want veraiety then its Zep. If you want non stop adenalin then its AcDc. If they were both movies. Then Zep is Lord of the Rings. AcDc is Crank. Mc7
  8. Misty Mountain Hop Live sucks. No matter what era I hear it. It just sound sloppy. The studio one is the best. The Ocean sounds sexy live, the studio one sound light weight. Mc7
  9. Yes another question. Is Zeppelin a Super Group and what is a Super Group? To me some band are not Super Groups. AcDc is not a Super Group. Neither are the Stones. The Who are. Judas Priest are. I define a Super Group as each member of the band does more than keep the beat. Thier personalities are so dynamic that they influnce others groups as well. For example. Ginger Baker-Cream/KMoon- The Who/ LZ-Bonzo are more or less on the same level. People always reference thier drumming style. They are not on the same level as RStones-CWatts and the Beatles-Ringo Starr. The Beatles are great song writers, but live they can't touch the magic of Zep. The Who/Hendrix/Cream/Sabbath are the only ones that could rival them live. Mc7
  10. Why does ZEp sound funky to me. Most of the songs except for the acoustic songs sound that way to me. The Ocean/Black Dog/WIAWSNB/WTLB/MMH just to name a few. Do they sound that way to you. Other bands don't have that as much. I wonder why I hear this driving funkiness to thier riffs. Mc7
  11. PG to me is the better double album. When it comes to SFingers vs ZoSo. Its pretty even. I like both bands. I want to start a thread about the difference between The Stones, The Who and Zep. MC7
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