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  1. I love all the albums from Zep 1 to PG. Presence has ALS/FYL/NFBM are the only songs I like. ITTOD has ITE/FITR/C/IGC thats it for me. I feel like ITTOD with the exception of Bonzo. Its like Zep aged overnight. Pages Guitar army sounds thin and does not roar. Robert Plant sounds good but tired. JPJ is good but ever his energy is lower. Notice how rare it is for Zep when they do reunions or in solo shows. They don't do songs from that era.
  2. Its funny that even though I don't listen to much Radio. When I do. I hear Zep songs and it feels like a lot of Zep songs are poular and have more mass appeal, than say Sabbath/Purple songs for example. Basically it seems like Sabbath/Purple Songs don't resonate beyond the popular hits from them. Except for some songs off of Presence and ITTOD/Coda. You can drop me into any part of a Zeppelin songs and I will know it.
  3. To my ears. This is how Rival Sons shore up album rise. Before the Fire-B/Pressure and TIme-A/EP-A/Head Down-A+/Great Western Valkyrie-A++/Hollow Bones-B. They are a really great band and emulae Zeps live improve Groove.
  4. Just speculating. After flirting with different styles. Do you think that Robert will return to his Zeppelin roots on his next album. It seems like he has been really trying to get away from any type of songs that bring to mind his Zeppelin roots. Esspeically his last couple of albums. For some reason that I have yet to articulate well. I think that Page is going to stay closer to his Zeppelin roots for his new album when it comes out. What do you all think?
  5. Rival Sons/Led Zeppelin/James Brown's JB's/AC/DC,The Rolling Stones.
  6. I am on the Rival Sons Facebook page. These guys are the real deal and they have a lot of great songs. Its one thing for one or two songs to hit big and have filler. Its another thing for at least 90% of the songs I hear from Rival Sons to really hit the spot. Everyone tries to link them to Zep, but for me. Its the Songwriting craft that both bands have in common more than anything else. Rival Sons to me have a better edit button on their songs and stretch out live. The added thing they have that Zep don't is that Rival Sons can reference Zeps era. Where Zep could only really look to
  7. My Fave band. Really great guys and I have met 4 of them so far. They are the Zeppelin of their generation.
  8. These guys are great live and I have met some of them in person at their concerts, when they do meet and greets. Everyone should check them out.
  9. Just curious. With the exception of Babe. Do you all see major progression with Zep songs such as Communication Breakdown/Dazed and Confused and How Many More Times from Denmark May 19/1969 to Royal Albert Jan 6 1970. What are the the things that you think separates the performances and whats the big difference. Robert Plant voice seems more dry and rough in 69. More fluid and sparky in 70. Wow what a difference in about 9 months or so. Even Page sounds more Mage like with his usual tricks. Bonzo and Jones are solid. Bonzo looks like he about to destroy that drum kit in 69
  10. Thats a great line up. Although I say that Rival Sons are really going to be the main act to watch. They are really great. I mean Zeppelin Great. They have a new album called Great Western Valkyrie coming out.
  11. For me I will go by Album. I am using abbreviation just to cut down writing out all the songs. LZ1-GTBT/BIGLY/CB/YTIGC/HMMT LZ2-The whole Album except for Thank You LZ3- The whole album Zoso-The whole album HOTH The whole album except for DM PG the whole album P-ALS/FYL/NFBM ITTOD-FITR/C/ITE/IGC SRTS-The whole album Coda-The whole album If I had to cherry pick it would be.... GTBT/HMMT/LS/RO/LLM/HB/BD/MMH/RR/WTLB/NQ/DD/All of PG and on P-FYL/ALS and on ITTOD-FITR/IGC/C In my head. When I think of LZ. I always think of slow suductive riffs m
  12. So we all listen to Zep in different ways. By record/cd/Mp3. So do you all think that the new Zep we get in June 2014 will be worth buying in terms of sonic landscape and extras? Do you think this is a cash grab? For those of you that are more MP3 dependent. Will you replace what you have with the remastered? For me. The only way I would do a replacement of the Zep Remasters are if there is a significant difference in quality. Like hearing things I did not hear before. Also any speculation on what the alternate takes will be like. I have heard an alternate of WTLB. I
  13. Rival Sons are a great band. I love those guys. They are coming out with a new CD in June of 2014. They have 15 songs done and they said there is a bit more acousitc stuff on the new one. They had 6 weeks this time. As opposed to about 20 days.
  14. So from what some of you have known about Zep. Who would you say their main blues influence? Howling Wolf/Albert King/Muddy Waters/Son House/Robert Johnson. I have been listening to a lot of HWolf and its great. Esspecialy his Psychedelic 1969 album.
  15. The Oliver Stone Movie made Morrison look like he had extrem mental problems and wanted to cause problem. He was in coherent.
  16. Yes I am at it again. They are really both iconic in imagery and influence. They both were into Rock and Blues. As a Band.... The Doors-Jim and Ray to me lead the band. As Robert/Jimmy did in Zep. The Doors seemed more like Bad Boys than Zep. Songs. Zep had more Variety. The Doors had this gritty Nocternal vibe to their songs. My 3 great Doors Songs are Light my Fire/Riders of the Storm/The Wasp. My 3 great Zep songs are HMMT/WTLB/Dazed and Confused 1973. Jim vs Robert. Jim to me is a little bit more Cool and trance like in his vocals. Robert has more pounc
  17. One of my co-workers just sent me a link on YTube about Zeppelin stealing others people's songs. Like HMMT/BMSide/STH and various other songs. What I don't get is why is Zep the one that is attacked about these blues songs all the time. Also. Zep get the Devil tag as well all the time. I never really feel evil with Zep. Its just mood of Light and Shade. We all have it within us. Can anyone really speculate why Zep has to be tagged with this. Even On The Kennedy Centre Honors. Jack Black made a comment about Zep being in league with the Devil. Enough already.
  18. Both shows to me are energetic. A lot of growth in 3 yrs at 1973 as opposed to 1970.
  19. Towards the end of their career. What do you consider Zep's last classic song. For me its Achillies Last Stand. Runner up is For your life/NFBMine and Fool in the Rain. ALS has that Hammer of the gods feel. Like a longer Immigrant song. NFBM is WLLove for that late era. FYL is The Lemon Song Slow grove throughout the whole song. FITR is the GTBTimes vibe of happy go lucky Zeppelin. What do you all think.
  20. I love it all . Presence/ITTOD are the only ones that I cherry pick. I should actually look and see where they fall in terms of sales. I also feel like Zep are a way different band at the end of their run than at the begging. I feel like Robert/Jimmy sound more tired at the end. Its not like when they play Zeppelin classics that P/ITTOD songs are the ones that are played. At the Kenendy Honors they bands did not play any P/ITTOD songs. When Santana covered classic rock songs from Zep on his covers album. He choose WLL. He could have done a sharper version of FITRain considering there
  21. I have this version on my Ipod although its chopped up into 3 parts.
  22. I just bought and SG epiphone and I am starting to learn. Its tricky for me coming from playing piano/sax.
  23. Why not use one guitar for all the live and studio instead of switching. Except for using the double neck SG on TSRTS/STH/OTHAFA/TRSong.
  24. So basically I got to get out of my head that Page ran to his Sunburst Les Paul for everything little Zep thing under the sun on the studio recordings.
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