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  1. No such thing as a ZEPPELIN song that I don't like! Love them all! I feel this way for a couple of bands Lynyrd Skynyrd - I love everything - every song from the pre crash band! ( not so much now ). Also Van Halen - the 1st 6 albums till Dave left, Love every song. I cant say that about any other bands
  2. For me LED ZEPPELIN is the be all, end all of music - period. Yes there are a great many other bands/musicians that I love, but not with the same fervor. So whatever Jimmy decides to release, I will be there to snatch it up & ENJOY!
  3. of course the super deluxe version appeals to all the die hard Zep fans. I want the Books, but could live without the L.P.'s. I'll probably just get the deluxe c.d.'s
  4. I cant believe I just read that crap! It reads as if a teenage kid had written it.
  5. Looks like something from shop class. kinda cool but no thanks. Would love to see Neca make figures of the band w/ instruments, maybe even a diorama!-Now that would sell!
  6. Great post Dark Lord! You said it perfectly! Hopefully Jimmy rewards us with many goodies!
  7. It's a shame that so many products are trash now days, it applies to a wide range of items books, furniture etc... We all work hard for our money only to be let down again & again. You really do have to watch & consider every purchase & even then sometimes you get screwed!
  8. Back in December of '83 or '84,I saw AC/DC @ Nassau Coliseum. Fastway opened up for them. It was the loudest show I had ever been to, I could feel all of my internal organs vibrating! It was a great show but,people were throwing M-80's around the coliseum. I was scared to death of having one of those go off next to or on me. Then during TNT while we were pumping our fists into the air, my friend punched a biker dude in the jaw( he looked like a monster) but was cool about it & said don't worry. I couldn't hear for two days after that show(just that buzzing sound). Nowdays I wear earplugs t
  9. Is'nt Jon Anderson's voice all messed up from throat problems? That's the last thing I remember hearing about him.
  10. Sorry I don't remember which show it was - maybe badge holders. Robert introduced Bonzo as" the man who manages to wash my hair with 7up every night -John Bonham" I don't know why but this always made me laugh, I guess because I could picture it in my head.
  11. c'mon Steve wake up -stop snoring> It's just for fun. I know i'm not going to hit Lotto , but I still play & hope I'm going to win(this is the same thing)I would rather invest in these posts than play games on my cell phone. so in theory I would love to see Jimmy hook up w/ Beth Hart or Joss Stone for a soulful/bluesy album. Both of these women have the chops to go with Jimmy's blues artistry.
  12. I like that Tat! Don't recall seeing it before.
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