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  1. No such thing as a ZEPPELIN song that I don't like! Love them all! I feel this way for a couple of bands Lynyrd Skynyrd - I love everything - every song from the pre crash band! ( not so much now ). Also Van Halen - the 1st 6 albums till Dave left, Love every song. I cant say that about any other bands
  2. Sorry I don't remember which show it was - maybe badge holders. Robert introduced Bonzo as" the man who manages to wash my hair with 7up every night -John Bonham" I don't know why but this always made me laugh, I guess because I could picture it in my head.
  3. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing,that was a real treat! As someone else posted earlier -I almost feel as if I was there.
  4. this album together with Presence, really show how the band were progressing-giving us something sonically that no one else could or would ever come close to. I LOVE every damn song-on every record. I cant pick a favorite,just as I cant pick a favorite child(each is unique & wonderful). I can & do Nitpick about other bands. when it comes to ZEPPELIN,I have nothing but love & the utmost respect. The only gripe I could have,would be that I wish there was More....
  5. Cool, thanks for the reminder! Otherwise it might have snuck-bye.
  6. It does'nt really bother me,it pauses for a second on a close up of JPJ's hand.No sound problems etc. I can deal.
  7. I have the regular dvd & it happens every time (10 so far) not a big deal
  8. My tree topper is a favorite, it's Mary holding baby Jesus. It was from my family tree growing up & it still looks beautiful today. Other than that I collect batman stuff . I now have enought batman ornaments to decorate a seperate tree. I vary onraments year by year & only hang a few so it does'nt seem overdone. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!!
  9. Just read today,Jimmy is planning to release a new cd by the end of next year-2013. maybe with a number of different singers. It was a blog post on a local radio station WBAB 102.3 on long island,n.y. I would love to hear anything new from Jimmy!
  10. I was only implying pre crash Skynyrd! The new version dont even enter my mind!
  11. I dont have any songs that I dont like from Zep,same thing with Skynyrd. All other bands I can say have songs I dont like ex: The Rolling Stones-many songs I hate.
  12. My 1st concert was the Beach Boys in 1981 ?-i think, @ the Westbury Music Fair ( Long Island ) It was a rare show with all original members even, Brian Wilson sitting at a grand piano. Its a small venue about 1100 seats. Great show-all the hits,but sadly the could'nt hit the high notes anymore & left that for the backup singers to do. They could'nt have been more than 40 or so at the time. I walked out into the summer night with a huge buzzing in my ears & a great memory! Hoping to see them next month @ Jones Beach!
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