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  1. I see Jimmy's rockin' 2 Marshalls (well, well, well) 4 Oranges, and 2 more heads I don't recognise. Hughes & Kettner?
  2. I'm genuinely shocked by how good they look together. Check Robert out! He really looks like he's lovin' it! This bodes well, I'd say. Gutted I can't be there, but just so pleased they're playing together again. I hope they have a great gig.
  3. On the studio recording of Thank You there is a very prominent harmony backing vocal. This doesn't sound like Plant at all. In some places Robert sounds very unsure of himself, and nearly drops out completely, leaving the sound of the harmony vocalist very high in the mix. Most unusual for Led Zeppelin I'd say. So who sang it? Was is Page or John Paul Jones, or somebody else? Adam
  4. I don't think the message of the song would work without these lines.
  5. I don't think the sex of the person in the lyrics to Stairway has any relevance. I suppose he could have started it with "There's this geezer what finks...", but it wouldn't have sounded as nice. I believe the lyric in Black Dog is "I don't know, but I've been told, a big-leg woman ain't got no soul." It seems to just be a throwaway blues howl.
  6. Most people I know can't remember who Hard-Fi are just minutes after hearing them, how are they going to be remembered in 30 years? Probably not at all, I'd say. Rubbish "band".
  7. "At the time we'd played Knebworth and we'd played in Europe, and John Bonham and I had already decided that we wanted, after In Through The Out Door, to make something hard-hitting and riff-based again. Of course, we never got to make that album." - Jimmy Page (taken from Guitarist issue 297)
  8. But what if the messages weren't meant to be picked up when played forwards? We've already established that Crowley was urging people to listen to music backwards. I don't think that whether or not the human mind can pick up backwards messages is an issue. By the way, I'm still holding the view that this is coincidence.
  9. Jimmy may have this mod fitted now, but back in his heyday he didn't. Just changed his sound with subtle use of his volume, tone and picking style.
  10. Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard Fender Telecaster Squier Super-Sonic Squier Stratocaster Amps: 1981 Marshall JCM-800 2203 Laney LC15R Effects: TwinStomp Booster Dunlop Crybaby Wah + loads more that I only use for recording. Will post pics when I get the chance.
  11. Yeah, it's the Isle Of Wight (great DVD, highly recommended). That's the performance I was thinking of when I said about the duel.
  12. I love your avatar! Led Zep as Charlie Brown kids...very clever!

  13. There's also Thom Yorke Gary Moore and Shaun Ryder of The Happy Mondays Great musicians, but GodDAMN THEY UGLY!!
  14. Fantastic band. I think "Get Behind Me Satan" is their best album. Not a single duff moment.
  15. Well that would be ELP. What a scary thought. Imagine Keith Emerson dueling with Jimmy Page.
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