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  1. Joe Perry was one of the best in the 70's, but that was then! Way to commerical now! Too bad.
  2. Great job! Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!
  3. The first two albums are far and away the best for great rock n' roll! The later stuff was geared for FM radio.
  4. Yeah Ted is anti drug, and calls every drug user a scum bag. But he keeps hoping all those "scum bags" by his albums! What an idot!!
  5. Unable to post a picture. But I would say "ME"!
  6. From what i've heard, he died at the track. I've watched Scott, Doug and Conrad race for over thirty years. I don't care if people say " He died doing what he loved to do". That is a fucked up way to die! He will be missed! :'( RIP Scott!
  7. "Your a cunt~hair away from hillbilly heaven" ~ BladeII
  8. GAC64


    Almost done with~Born Standing Up~ By Steve Martin If you like him or his style of comedy, it's a good book.
  9. Original coke! The best cola ever!
  10. Game 6 of the NBA finals. If you like that kind of thing. Or a movie. GO LAKERS!
  11. Ouch! Now I feel real old!! :'( Their first couple of albums were pretty good.
  12. A great high energy band. Kick ass at the "US festival"!! Hope they will tour the states again.
  13. Scorpions Accept Kraftwerk A couple others that I can't think of right now...
  14. Whitesnake & Jethro Tull~ The "A" tour Sammy Hager, Van Halen, Black Sabbath & Boston ~ '78 Motley Crue & Kiss Van Halen several more times The "Summer Strut" ~Foreigner, Loverboy, Scorpions & Maiden Both "US festivals" too many bands to list. Scorpions several more times up to '88 Motley Crue & Whitesnake '87 Queensryche '95, '99 & 2001 also with Halford & Maiden Dixie Dregs ~ At "My Place" Santa Monica ELP YES Alan Holdsworth ~ At "My Place" Santa Monica Genesis Deep Purple Ozzy & Metallic at Long Beach Sports Arena And many other smaller ban
  15. Gordon Smiley & Greg Moore are the worst I've ever seen! It's hard to watch after seeing such misery, but I'm a fan and still watch. I've been to NASCAR, NHRA,NDBA & IHBA ( NDBA & IHBA are drag boats ) and NHRA still is the best! Nothing like the smell of Nitro!
  16. GAC64


    Full time dad. Best gig in the world!!
  17. Checked them out at the LA sports arena on the "A" tour. I've seen alot of concerts and that was one of my favorite!
  18. Completly changed the way special effects are used in movies & tv. RIP Stan and thank you!
  19. Welcome Alexander! The best fans are Zep fans!
  20. Just seen "The Happening". Not scary enough! Should have been better.
  21. Great season for ALL HOCKEY FANS!!! On to next year! GO FLYERS!!!
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