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  1. I think the photos are of Robert at a basketball game...there is video of it probably on YouTube. Check Getty Images around that date, you should find them, they are great pictures.
  2. Welcome Riana. Enjoy the eye candy.
  3. Thanks for those pics glicine. Jeez, he's so hot.
  4. The past few pictures in this thread sparked a most interesting dream with Robert last night. Ah, if only I could have more of those kinds of dreams.
  5. Awesome series of photos evster, thanks for posting.
  6. That pic makes me want to brush the sand off of him...all of him...
  7. Maybe he's a Chimera: Dictionary.com: (often initial capital letter) a mythological, fire-breathing monster, commonly represented with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
  8. Hi Robert's Plant, yes he is a true wonder!
  9. Whatever he's doing I wish I were Jimmy.
  10. Diana-loura that is a stunning piece of work.
  11. Awesome Adi. Keep em coming!
  12. I love all the eras of Robert but I am partial to his current looks. Mature, at ease with himself and that beard..oh to have that...
  13. 911, 911...someone call 911!!!...I can't.....(smack) [my face hitting the keyboard].
  14. Chris Wroe Interview I did a Google search on Chris Wroe and Crop Circles and found this interview with him on the Tiswas Site; it's about 3/4 of they way down the page. He talks a little about the cover...hope this helps...
  15. I pulled out the book that came with the box set and it says: Cover Images by Mission Control, Bristol England Design Coordination: Richard Hutchison Imaging and Photography: Chris Wroe and Jenny Moore Booklet Design: Larry Freemantle Box Set Production: Yves Beauvais.
  16. Thanks for posting the pics Maureen, they are amazing eye candy. Many I have never seen before; keep 'em coming!!
  17. Awesome comparison pics Roxie; thanks for sharing.
  18. Yes, and drool is a pain to get out of a keyboard, as for the ambulances, I have a hot line to them, sorta like the "Bat Phone." Great pics Maureen, keep posting!
  19. That's awesome ocean! Congrats! Did you get to talk to him at all?
  20. Hi Lizzy 17! Welcome! Enjoy the eye candy on these pages, it will take your breath away.
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