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  1. Are you dissing sacred cows??!! Man, I swear to god fella, I'll rip off your head and throw it right in your face!!
  2. I can't imagine an instance where I would CHOOSE to hear Queen. But I do think they were talented.
  3. I usually don't address whether I am male or female because it bears no relevance to any thoughts I post here. My profile isn't packed with info because I prefer that my words stand alone, without arbitrary info obfuscating them in the mind of whoever might read them. And you needn't apologize for calling me a "fella"....I didn't take any offense to it.
  4. Well, I'm not a "fella" , first of all. Second of all, wasn't trying to "get one by" ya , and thirdly if you think the Eagles are brilliant, more power to you. To my ears, they are generic elevator crap. Just one womans opinion of moonlight, of course... means absolutely nothing.
  5. Another one I almost forgot... Goo Goo Dolls. Oh... and The Cure and Morrissey too! And 95% of that "southern rock" crapfest.... Black Foot, 38 Special , Molly Hatchett , ZZ Top , The Eagles, The Outlaws AND The Doobie Brothers! Hate them all.
  6. I think someone ought to make a case for Hall and Oates. I'll do it. THEY SUCK BEYOND THE REALMS OF SUCKITUDE!!
  7. And Air Supply. I really REALLY hate them.
  8. Which reminds me...I also hate Marshall Tucker.
  9. I won't say these are the "worst" bands, but I'll gladly state my hatred of them. Genesis Kiss REO Speedwagon Half Japanese Matchbox 20 Motley Crue and the unforgettable Culture Club
  10. I'm with you again, Niner. Tim Buckely wrote some gorgeous songs, but I almost always prefer to hear someone else cover them. I just have a hard time connecting with Tims "style"....it's alittle to Don Maclean for my tastes.
  11. One of my absolutely favorite Tim Buckley songs! Simply beautiful!
  12. Your Long Journey was written by Doc and Rosa Lee Watson.
  13. Idunn

    The pub

    To John! You are sorely missed, my friend.
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