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  1. Lineup sounds so swell, even if some I do not consider Jazz. :thumbsup::cheer:

    I just can't handle festivals anymore. Just too many people for me.

    I'd wind up being a nervous wreck trying desperately to get in front for all the different stages.

    MAYBE.....if I could find some 8 inch platform shoes I could do it.

    These things reallllly suck for us short people. :(

    You can sit on my shoulders :D

    Seriously though they have limited number of VIP packages available for each weekend 3 days the first weekend and 4 days for the second.

  2. I have never written down my likes and dislikes so i don't know.

    As far as laughs go. I think if the girls laugh draws attention from strangers around you then it's too much. That's what happened one time when i went to the movies with a girl. People kept looking over at us when she would laugh. It was embarassing. I never went out with her again.

    spats it's obvious your very young and have not experienced much humility.

    I myself have had some similar feelings when I was much younger, you will grow out of it trust me.

    Imagine laying in a hospital bed with metal staples in your torso from your groin up to your rib cage and you can't get up to take a pee. Doesn't matter anyway because there's a tube shoved up your peepee attached to a bag for it to empty into.

    Then you wake up in the middle of the night with pain so excruciating you can hardly reach the buzzer to call someone for help.

    Then this huge old nurse comes into the room to shoot something into your IV to relieve the pain. "Gawd" she was the most beautiful women i've ever seen.

    So put a little more life behind you before you decide what embarasses you to the point you pass on what may be the love of your life.

  3. Except for Guns n' Roses, all of those bands were formed in the 70s.

    As for bands actually formed (and/or who first released their first album) in the 80s, my list of favorites would go something like this:



    10,000 Maniacs

    The Replacements

    The Long Ryders

    Del Fuegos

    The Radiators<<<<<<<<< :D

    Lone Justice

    Los Lobos

    David Lindley & El Rayo-X

    Indigo Girls

    Uncle Tupelo

    Drivin' n' Cryin'

    Guadalcanal Diary

    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

    Ah, Radiators

    Local boys are pretty good. Ever hear of Cowboy Mouth?

  4. I try and be positive. I guess experience has formed my views and the way i do things. I guess i am what they call "jaded". Past experiences can take a toll on you and participating in the dating scene can give you a real negative attitude on this stuff.

    Note my signature says it all.

    Best friend and Best man at my wedding spoke just as you do. 18 months later I was one of his pawl bearers. He just couldn't settle down an went into depression. Died in the same way as JB fifth of vodka and never awoke! He was 30yo

    Learn to love your self first and good things will follow :console:

  5. Zeppelin, Stones and Beatles and Floyd get played to death also though. And we dont get sick of them really. I agree with most but I think Journey is being unfairly criticized by some. I think they are great and I think perry has a great voice. Songs like Dont Stop Believin and Open Arms and Wheel in the Sky are very good in my opinion.

    I'm with you on this one Journey kicked ass. Open arms is what my wife chose for our wedding dance. Some of Perry's solo stuff is great too. After he did his solo gig, we saw journey again and they performed some of his solo songs. One that is stuck in my memory that shook the auditorium was " Strung Out!" Randy Jackson on base was fantastic! I'm a music lover. Some of these self proclaimed music purist can KMA so FN what if they sell a million records at Whale Mart, it's the way of the world now. The squeeky wheel no longer gets greased it gets tossed aside sad but reality.

    Domo arigato!

  6. Any band? How fucked up it must be to live with ones ears buried in the sand, not to mention all the great bands you've automatically written off.

    Actually there are other bands that may have a song or two that I like including most of the bands mentioned here ( Kiss included ) would I ever mention them as a great group? NO

    Over all I'm a music lover and hear just fine, but have kept my wallet burried :lol:


    I'm with you on this one, there is some great new music out there, Dzldoc needs to look harder through all the BS, you're never going to find the good stuff on regular radio or mtv.

    You are correct about the BS I personally haven't watched MTV since it went to reality tv

    As far as radio goes , it's broke in my ride and at work we could only agree on some oldie station. Old timers and the brothers can't handle Zeppelin :lol:

  7. I dont care what you eat.....but do take care of yourself. Your a Ledhead :rolleyes: We watch after our own, IMO anyhow. We have the snied allmighty ones, I ignore em. I had Pizza earlier soooooo there ya go.

    Shad :unsure: w

    I've had to try and go light myself lately, since the surgery have to watch what I send down whats left of the plumbing :'(

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