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  1. Hi LDW smile.gif

    We Americans have to try harder than you to get the approval of the French.

    No offence DOC but when it comes to approval I see it the other way around.

    My grandfather gave his life to liberate those ungrateful bastards :angry:

    as far as I'm concerned the French can kiss my ass! especially the younger ones

    because I do believe their elders are more gracious.

  2. That's funny, Charles!laugh.gif

    I personally don't own a hooded sweatshirt, and would never wear one. They are way too casual for me. I never wear sneakers, either, unless I am exercising. And like you, I do iron all of my clothes (what a pain).

    Hey there princess :rolleyes::lol:

    I used to be the same way when I was younger, couldn't wait to get out of my work clothes and into nice dress clothes.

    The hooded sweatshirts I only wear for work because it helps keep the wind and dirt from going down the back of my neck which kinda creeps me out, picked a good profession to be in for that! Lol

    Then I got married to a blue Jean girl and I guess I became comfortably casual.

    I'm planning on updating my wordrobe as soon as I get my full land legs back, this year will be the first year of the rest of my life :)

  3. I'm a Negative Options Adviser or NOA. I work with people who always do the opposite of what you tell them.

    Are you freakin serious? Is this a real job or just some made up job to give daughter-in-law a position at the company?

    Hell that's the American way, always do the opposite of what your boss tells you so you can watch him pull his hair out and the rest turn grey lol

  4. Around here, EVERYONE wears hoodies! My stepdad bought my sisters my boyfriend, my mom and me hoodies for Christmas!

    First off I would never wear a "Hoodie" that sounds like a name some homo clothing designer would come up with, however I do have a couple of

    "Hooded Sweatshirts" that I wear.

    Personally I could give a rats ass what people think about what I wear as long as it's clean and doesn't smell like ass! Lol

    edited to add pressed as well, wrinkly clothes look like crap

  5. huh.gif Forget about the dates! but as best I can recall in no particular order

    Alice Cooper~Welcome to my Nightmare tour was my first concert.

    ZZ Top x3

    Aerosmith x2

    Fleetwood Mac x2

    Boston x2

    Heart x4

    J.Geils Band x3

    Styx x2

    Peter Frampton~Frampton Comes Alive

    Gary Wright~Dream weaver



    Jethro Tull

    Suzy Quatro

    Edgar Winter

    Jonny Winter

    Allman Brothers x3

    Marshall Tucker Band x3

    Charlie Daniels x3

    Wet Willie x3

    Ruby Star

    Black Oak Arkansas

    New Riders of the Purple Sage

    Foghat x3

    Uriah Heep

    REO Speed wagon x3

    Mothers Finest


    Pure Prairie League

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Leon Russell

    Black Crowes x3

    Jerry Jeff Walker

    KC & The Sunshine Band

    Counting Crowes


    The Who

    Eric Clapton~HOB New Orleans

    Pink Floyd

    Rolling Stones x4

    Page/Plant 95

    Led Zeppelin LSU 77

    ...and many many more but i'm tired of typinglaugh.gif

  6. I'm currently on a disability pension from the Laborer's Union.

    But my job before that was wrecking buildings, interior demolition and asbestos removal.

    I haven't worked since 1995 and I enjoy my freedom from the clock and asshole bosses. biggrin.gif

    Current hobbies are playing classical guitar and photography. I was into motorcycles pretty heavy but it all got too damned expensive. cool.gif


  7. I've got a land line and a cell. The cell is the one that I got when I renewed the contract, I don't need any extra features. It mostly serves as a 2nd alarm clock. The only reason I have one is because my friend forced me to get one so that people could still reach me while I was out on one of my crazy concert road trips.

    ohmy.gif And for emergencies! If you break down on the road somewhere and you have young children, gets pretty cold up your way.

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