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  1. Hi all,

    The Falcons , the Cleveland Browns,Texans,Saints,Jags and how about the Cardnals,have not made it to the Super Bowl,.....have they? :blink:

    Good games today!


    Falcons went but lost

  2. Exactly. I mean, who wants to go play for a bad team? But that's the point...bad teams get high draft picks so that they can try to no longer be a bad team. It generally works, unless you're the Lions. Hence why the Chargers, the team that wanted him, are now a good team in spite of his crybaby act.

    I feel ya, I think the Lions and The Saints are 2 of only a few teams left not to get to the super bowl yet. Even the G#%*%#D Falcons have made it :rant:

  3. DAMMIT, I HATE ELI MANNING!!!! His whole "I'll refuse to play for the Chargers if they draft me" bullshit made me want to puke...



    sittin' out was a little picky but i'm not going to hammer a home boy having said that, I will say that getting Drew Brees and Reggie Bush to come down here to Live and Work in our wrecked city showed a lot of class on their part.

  4. When we saw the Page/Plant tour they sold out 2 shows at this venue


    See the red dots where we sat just behind the mixing boards about 100ft from the stage. Only 2 seats in this row, it was like sitting in your living room watching a live show. Saw Zep in 77 and this show was just as kick ass :thumbsup:


  5. We can't have you two Russian speaking people passing notes during class...if something has to be said let us all hear it. :lol::lol:

    Only joking. Great to have such a diverse community on here. :)

    And it annoys me that most foreigners can speak good English yet few English people can't speak anything but English. haha! :lol:

    :beer: " Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler" :drunk:

  6. Hey Brennan...what's happening!!!

    Great to have you here with us.

    Just for the record...."favorite" is spelt "favourite"....with a "U". :lol: They call it the English language for one reason and for one reason only.........

    ......WE INVENTED IT! So spell it with a "u" and fight the power my friend.

    Anyway, that is my rant over. I've probably scared you off now. haha! Great to have you hear...i hope your love for Zeppelin grows and grows and grows.

    Regards. Richard. :wave:

    Hey Rich,

    We leave the "U" out in America lol color=colour favorite=favourite :wave:

    Don't know why :unsure: Probably threw it out with the tea :lol: ( joke )

  7. I still don't see the point of the friend's list.

    Hmmm? I'm thinking if you find someone's posts particularly amusing you might add them as a friend so as to see what their latest posts might be instead of searching through the whole site. Just a thought although I never thought about it until the question was asked :unsure:

  8. I hate drama and games, but I'm not pretty... guess I'm screwed!

    Don't sell yourself short. Your as beautiful as you feel. Doesn't matter what others think in the grand scheme of things. In the end we all will gravitate towards a beautiful heart. :kiss:

  9. I married for the first time in 2001 at the age of 46. Don't let your family/friends/co-workers pressure you to get married. Just do it when and if you are ready. Be prepared to learn new things about your spouse after the vows. Shortly after marriage, I discovered my wife hates answering the telephone. She can play telephone tag with friends for months. When we dated, she answered the phone on one or two rings.

    "BINGO" give this man a prize. People get married for the wrong reasons.

    Men get married hoping she won't change and women get married hoping he will change. Ladies, don't bait and switch. Guys don't be assholes :watchingyou:

  10. So happily married that it makes everyone we know sick! Here comes the sappy part...

    My wife and daughter are the light of my life!

    Been around the block and had my fun as well as heart breaks. Started a family pretty late compared to most and it's been the blessing of my life.

    If it all ended tomorrow, I wouldn't change a moment of it.

    (btw, Manders is right)

    Same here, started kinda late, got my ya ya's out. I was living on the westbank she on the east.

    We met on a river boat in the middle of the mighty Mississippi in 80, married in 88, had first and prob. only son in 98.

    To spats: a pretty face don't make no pretty heart! I consider mine pretty. I've met prettier but were the ugliest inside, met plain janes that were the most joyful and pleasant ladies i've known. When you get old and grey and the pretty face is gone the beautiful heart is still beautiful. :console:

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