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  1. Well, seems he changed it, I just can't view topics, post stuff and prolly not even PM.

  2. Meh. been IP banned.

    Quite a shame admin doesn't know what is a shared IP addres, thus banned whole dorm, whole college and a whole town just to keep ME out.

    Anyway, I'll be available on MSN


    Just replace the [at] with @

  3. Just look at the first letters of each word. Get it?
  4. You successfully daze and confuse me again, miss. Now I'm not sure how do you mean this, if I just chose the wrong word for double-meaning or is that a rhetorical question or whatever
  5. Dunno, but now it sounds quite, uh, well, like double entendre
  6. Nice one You might wanna add "verbally"
  7. Again? or it just shows I'm doing my job well?
  8. Haha, you really should Huh, now I noticed I got into your title, I'm flattered I don't get the part with being under me, though
  9. That's why I'm not that quixotic at all.
  10. Well, fighting windmills has its magic, but yeah, not much of a happy life.
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