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  1. Well, seems he changed it, I just can't view topics, post stuff and prolly not even PM.

  2. Meh. been IP banned.

    Quite a shame admin doesn't know what is a shared IP addres, thus banned whole dorm, whole college and a whole town just to keep ME out.

    Anyway, I'll be available on MSN


    Just replace the [at] with @

  3. Fact: I do not know the meaning of the word "argyole"
  4. They started growing slowly after I got that note telling me uncle Vlad has made me his only heir. But it was really slow so in the beginning I had to wear those fake teeth being sold at costume shops. Well, and they somehow dissolved after that garlic incident. And well, I don't keep track of Czech and Slovakian members although I know about a few.
  5. Random fact: 3 of 12 hours of doing nothing and being paid for it already passed. I'm bored as hell since the computer here is really crappy and has very limited capabilities
  6. I should be going too (though I KNOW I'll be insomniac). I'll be at work from six to six so I should get some sleep. meh, I could use a day off right now, I need to throw out all that junk such as coffin evening suit etc., buy some lights, get the interiors painted, etc etc bye
  7. Except that she slaps me if I bite too hard.. I think I had a garlic OD. When I regained consciousness, I..I saw myself in mirror! Was so much of a shock that I passed out again.
  8. nah, only my mom's delicious pork chops.. by the way, I'm free of the curse now
  9. Well, more or less, yeah (ugh, my tummy is stuffed though)
  10. uhmmm....Ate tooo much delicious meat and baked potatoes
  11. Well, I don't mind Jimmy's editing on the official releases but what I miss the most are the Plantations.
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