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  1. Haven't posted here in ages due to some problems in my life but, Zep helps me get though a lot of it and although I know Jimmy's history of "borrowing", this ain't it! Listen to the beginning of this 1959 Davey Graham version of "Cry Me a River" :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWeejHJxGjs Now............just drop it and go home Randy...PLEASE!
  2. Rat Bat Blue. That riff just kicks my ass. I play guitar and yeah, it's all a matter of taste but he's in my top ten for sure.
  3. Ronzo


    Happy Birthday America!!! I love you and I hope we can pull ourselves out of the funk we are currently in. On a lighter note, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis was born today. I believe it was around the same year as our declaration.
  4. Thanks SuperDave. My wife is doing well considering. The only time I"m not with her is when I'm working which is a lot lately. This disease changes everything. My new rule is that I spend all my energy making sure she gets to do what SHE wants to do for as long as she wants to do it. She tires easily so when she sleeps or just doesn't want to do anything, I play guitar, have some beers and, come on here to talk to you guys. Three day weekend if I'm lucky....YES! I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend. Thanks again.
  5. I do believe there is a complete one out there. As I told tom kid, days off coming soon. Maybe I'll get to it. Even my time off is rough. Remodeling the bathroom and my wife is battling breast and bone cancer. I have A LOT going on. Thanks for your reply SuperDave.
  6. Tucson 6-28-72. Noted and thanks for the advice. I'll check it out. Oh, I'm not correcting the way you write your date BTW I'm just putting it backwards so my American brain can comprehend it. LOL!
  7. Well, I guess I should say it doesn't necessarily have to be a soundboard for me to get it just that they usually have a decent sound. I have the "Going to California" 9-14-71 show and it's really good. LTTE obviously as well as a few others from other bands. I have a Uriah Heep recorded from a Dan Lapinski that sounds very good too. Some things just really break my heart like listening to the Osaka 9-29-71 show and halfway through Dazed, it just completely craps out. In and out I should say. Time is also a factor for me. Like... me responding to you days later. I have a lot on my plate friend
  8. Hi SuperDave. Is your Baton Rouge soundboard? I seem to remember it just coming out as one just within the past year or so but, I could be wrong. I also know of the Dallas one but sort of remember that it's incomplete? again, could be wrong. I'm actually very new to the whole bootleg scene although once I was taught by a friend how to use the computer properly, I've amassed quite a few. I'll be 45 in a few weeks and I never knew half this shit existed! What a joy the first time I heard "As Long As I Have You" from 4-27-69. I don't like to waste time with downloading stuff that sounds like crap
  9. My GM... DOES have the gap plugged in TYG. It is a DVD Audio version I think and has 16.9 WideScreen Collectors Edit. and Lt Ed/Promo on the cover which is different from what Strider has posted. It sounds great compared to the first one I had but, I think i'll track down the Winston version just to make sure I have the best one to my ears. Thanks johnlennon696
  10. Looks like I need to acquire Baton rouge and Dallas.
  11. Yes, that's the one I have and, the patch in TYG is there and done well too. Since you have both, is Winston THAT much of an upgrade? I know it's your opinion of course.
  12. Hi guys. I know...who's he...he never posts here...long story. Anyway...I have a version called "Genuine Masters" that I'm playing through Jet Audio using Logitec Z-4 speakers with a sub woofer and it kicks my ass. I don't remember which version I had before this but, this GM was quite an upgrade IMO. Maybe I'll have to try this Winston to see if it's better. Maybe I should post more too. You all seem pretty cool.
  13. Hi Tom. Yes, I agree. Especially better than the hack job done on the new TSRTS. Thank god I still have the original vinyl soundtrack which has the best No Quarter solo I've ever heard. I like the addition of the new tracks but, it's a shame what they did to that one. I know why 'cause it matches the movie and some legal stuff but still........ I have Four Blocks, St. Valentines's and, Snow Jobs. All very good. I can't get in to the poor sound quality stuff regardless of performance. My dream is that Osaka 9/29/71 will someday appear in pristine sound but, I know it is just a dream.
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