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  1. Here's the "plantation" before they played the song in Chicago on Jan. 21, 1975: Now we're gonna try something that we honest, honestly haven't done for about five years. We decided, we decided after last night that we hadn't heard something so long it's not true. Besides the incorrect math, it sounds like they hadn't played it in Bloomington, and I have not seen the song listed in several Bloomington show reviews. Also, HMMT replaced When the Levee Breaks in the set.
  2. How Many More Times was not played at the January 20, 1975 show. The first time it was played on the 1975 US Tour was the next night in Chicago (January 21, 1975). They did not play any concerts where all three of those songs were performed. When the Levee Breaks was dropped after the January 20th show and How Many More Times was added for the January 21st show.
  3. Here are some Las Vegas Israelite clippings regarding The Doors show Mike Tell promoted on October 4, 1969. The last clipping mentions Mike Tell bringing "Led Zepplin" to Las Vegas! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any other mention of the Led Zeppelin Las Vegas gig in the Israelite, including the day after the Led Zeppelin gig (August 8, 1969). It was a weekly paper produced on Friday, and there was no mention of Led Zeppelin in the August 1st or August 15th issues either. At least this corroborates Michael Tell bringing Led Zeppelin to Las Vegas just a few months after it happened! I've attached a few other Ice Palace clippings from 1969 too.
  4. Some loose ends in response to PlanetPage's last post: - The UNLV Rebel Yell school newspaper was not published during the summer, and as a result did not cover the show (no issues between May 22, 1969 - September 24, 1969). - The show would not have been covered in the Las Vegas Free Press because it did not begin publishing until January 1, 1970 (when Vol. 1 #1 was produced). - Mike Tell ("of the Las Vegas Israelite") promoted the Three Dog Night concert at the Ice Palace in conjunction with KLUC radio on July 4, 1969 and the Iron Butterfly gig on December 6, 1969, so it certainly confirms that he was promoting gigs at the Ice Palace during this time. Here are the listings from the Las Vegas Sun:
  5. From July 31st, 1969 through August 28, 1969, Elvis performed 57 shows at the International Hotel in 29 consecutive days (one show on July 31st and two shows per day from August 1st through August 28th. Elvis performed in the 2,200-capacity room while Tina and Ike played the 500-capacity Casino Theatre. On page 107 of Richard Cole's "Stairway to Heaven" book he described seeing Elvis and Ike and Tina Turner at the International Hotel: "The Zeppelin wives joined us for a few days during that tour, including some of the shows in Las Vegas and other West Coast cities... On this particular tour, I figured that by pulling a few strings, I could get us some front row seats to Elvis Presley's show at the International Hotel... That night, we had front row tables. It was the first time any of us had seen Elvis perform. And we weren't disappointed." "Perhaps the only dissatisfied person among us that night was John Paul, but it was good-natured despair. Before entering the showroom to see Elvis, we had spent a few minutes in the International's lounge, watching Ike and Tina Turner perform. And as Tina sang 'River Deep, Mountain High' and 'Come Together', sensually and seductively teasing the audience with dozens of bumps and grinds, John Paul fell in love. He turned to his wife. 'Mo', he said, 'what would I have to buy you so I could sleep with Tina Turner? I've always wanted to screw her. Please, Mo. Name your price! Anything!' Mo decided that it was a deal she wasn't interested in making." A backstage photo of Maureen Plant with Robert (and a monkey - insert jokes here _____) from the Anaheim, August 9, 1969 concert corroborates Cole's assertion that the band wives were on the tour at that point. It's also worth noting that by extending the curfew from 10 p.m. to midnight, Zeppelin could have checked out the King's show at 8:15 p.m. on August 7th and then perform their own show afterward if they wanted to, especially since the International Hotel and Ice Palace were just one mile apart. Here's a photo from August 1969 which shows Elvis and Ike & Tina Turner on the International Hotel marquee:
  6. Of course - I looked for the few weeks before and after the show too. This article is the sole reference to this gig in the Las Vegas Sun. It beats having nothing, or still thinking the show was August 11th.
  7. Some more Bravo 1973 Pics (with some pics from the same show):
  8. Definitely Nuremberg; in fact, you can see the reference to Nürnberg in the caption of the third photo from the left at the top of page. To remove all doubt, here's the second page of the article which mentions that the tour started in Nürnberg in the first paragraph:
  9. I always thought this Charles Bonnay picture of Zeppelin was taken in the lobby of the Kinetic Playground in Chicago, but wasn't 100% positive - until now. Here's a confirmed Kinetic Playground lobby pic and it's a match. More than likely, the bottom pic was taken on the right side of the entrance, while the band picture was taken on the left side of the entrance.
  10. My best guess is "d." By the time the band got to LA they were really, really sick. Given that the Whisky dates were such high profile gigs for the band, they probably decided to skip the low profile Salem support slot to get healthier in preparation for the LA gigs.
  11. Early radio spot for Led Zeppelin's cancelled Salem Armory Auditorium show supporting Vanilla Fudge on January 1, 1969: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dStPbvgUPlQ
  12. It's certainly not from June 14, 1977 - Page wore plain white pants for that gig (not the white "Dragon" pants).
  13. The cancelled Norman date (Sept. 9, 1975) has actually been known for some time (I pulled this out of the Oklahoman archives in 2008):
  14. A Salt Lake City radio station flyer from January 30, 1970 has a photo of the band in action at the Terrace Ballroom in SLC on July 30, 1969. It shows Bonzo with a double bass drum setup. That makes the third show with definitive photographic proof of Bonzo with a double bass drum setup: 7/30/69 SLC; 8/2/69 Albuquerque; and 8/9/69 Anaheim. On the official timeline page, a former Boston Tea Party employee who starting working at the club the weekend of Zeppelin's January appearances mentioned that Bonzo had also used a double bass drum setup on the last night - Jan. 26th. In Peter Grant's 1994 interview with Dave Lewis he mentioned that Bonzo had used a double bass drum setup at the Tea Party and it was a disaster. He mentioned bragging to promoter John Law (actually Don Law) about Bonzo and that he proceeded to go out and drop the sticks a few times!
  15. . Peter Grant joined the band in San Francisco on January 9th, 1969 and stayed for the rest of the 1st US tour. Richard Cole started with Zeppelin on Dec. 26th, 1968 in Denver, so he missed the previous 1968 dates (in addition to missing the 1980 dates). Peter Grant wins since he just missed the first 2 weeks of the 1st US tour.
  16. If it was a mirror, why is his right hand pointed upward? Wouldn't it be his left?
  17. This is the only photo I've been able to find with tangible proof of the Atlanta video cameras "in action." In other words, check out the photo of Page's head on the video screen in the upper left portion of the photo (this photo was taken by Laurence Ratner and included in his Live Dreams book; I had not seen this posted anywhere before):
  18. The first two photos were taken on August 25, 1974. The third one was probably taken sometime in 1973 or 1974.
  19. Here's what the luxury boxes looked like at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD (aka Largo, MD). Notice the monitors in the suites as well as the professional movie camera in the middle-left portion of the photo: Here's a look inside one of the luxury suites. Notice the TV monitor hanging from the ceiling: Here's a good look at the scoreboard in the center of the arena: Here's an article I found that made reference to the screen and that sometimes the major artists did not use it:
  20. Circus - February 1975: Here's another one I found attributed to Atlanta: Note: Laurence Ratner's 1993 book "Live Dreams" includes several pictures from the Atlanta show.
  21. The posting of this photo made me go back and take a closer look at the other photo purported to be from this gig: It is pretty clear from this photo that it is from a different gig based on the small drum riser and Bonham's different clothing. So what gig was this photo taken at? I'm almost positive it was taken on September 12, 1968 at the Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden in Stockholm, Sweden. I managed to find a venue photo taken in August 1968 of this venue. Notice that there's a small riser, similar vertical "seams" in the background, and flowers in the front of the stage:
  22. The photo of the stage posted above was of the "Stora Scenen" stage. The "Yardbirds" played the "Stjarnscenen" stage at Liseberg Amusement Park on Sept. 15, 1968. Here's a photo of the Stjarnscenen stage and a photo of Jimi Hendrix on the same stage a year and three days earlier --- on Sept. 12, 1967 (Happy 70th birthday today Jimi!). I believe the Stjarnscenen stage no longer exists.
  23. The 2nd Dallas show was actually released a few years ago! It's on the titles "Days Confused" (Empress Valley) and "Babushka Lady" (Wendy).
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