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  1. ^ Something that can be said about Paul Kantner - he seemed to always welcome new and various bandmates, while still pursuing his visions.
  2. A very complex history to Jefferson Airplane / Starship, with no real timelines and constantly changing members. Even Grace Slick's jump from Great Society to Jefferson Airplane was odd - as her then husband Jerry Slick formed that band, and his brother Darby wrote "Someone (Somebody) to Love". Jerry was an amateur drummer, but I enjoyed his work amid this early pschydelia none the less. Do you remember what members referred to themselves as "Jefferson Starship" at that show? I know Grateful Dead and CSN members were contributing at that time. I believe Spencer Dryden was out by then, and Joey Covington was the new drummer. Not sure if Pappa John Creach was in, yet - but he played with all of them during this transition. Marty Balin would join Hot Tuna onstage, although their style seemed out of place for him. Thanks!
  3. Signe Toly Anderson, the original female vocalist in Jefferson Airplane, died on the same day as Paul Kantner. Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, who continue to tour together as Hot Tuna, are in excellent health and spirits.
  4. Most durable QB in the NFL. 2 time SB MVP. Never shot anyone, hit a woman, or killed hundreds of dogs. Nuff said.
  5. ^ I don't keep notes or memorabelia on shows - but 85 was probable. Like I said, we had no idea what these guys were going to play, but were naïve enough to think there was going to be Zep songs mixed in. The closest we got was the bow solo, which actually felt out of place considering what they were doing. We had seen Chris Slade with David Gilmore around that same time, and were big into Bad Co. - so the overall personnel was a thrill to see. I hadn't heard about Tony Franklin before - but personally, I was digging on his style. Page played fine, but seemed more a piece of the overall sound than the centerpiece. This was the only time I had seen him play. I don't remember how we got such close seats, but the sound did not seem blaring or muddled. Us hooligans had a good time, considering...
  6. ^ Haha, I just noticed you are from Smithtown. We had close seats, too - and might have been on the same train, even! My friend and future bro-in-law, told the other guys on the train "we would spit in their faces on the way back", if the Firm didn't do all the Zep tunes they said they heard they would. I was mortified. If that was you, my apologies!
  7. Gotcha. It seemed to work live, though. We went to that show hearing all sorts of rumors (no internet, back then) that Page was going to take over and play mostly Zep tunes. Obviously, that didn't happen. But because of Franklin's funk and improvision, along with the others' talent, and Page did fine - it was overall better than expected. When I heard there was tapings of Page's collaboration with Chris Squire, I looked into it hoping for some of the same - but I didn't feel there was much of anything to enjoy, there.
  8. ^ Yeah, but music and how it was presented changed so drastically in the 80's. Music videos and other dickishness. Most bands from the late 60's/early 70's took a nosedive, had member changes, or just went away. The later versions of Sabbath didn't fit Ward's style as much. We'll never know how a complete Zep would have fared.
  9. I saw them once, and thought he was excellent.
  10. jimmie ray


    ^ Yeah, I saw this "Game of Thrones" stout at the supermarket, and passed. Even if I was a fan of the show, it seems gimmicky - not sure if that is an established brewery? I did try a local stout on tap - Blue Point Sour Cherry Stout, that was simply out of this world. I've never cared for fruity flavors in beers, but this was definitely an exception. I see the beer place carries it - but at 9 bucks for a (20 ounce?) bottle, that's not something I'll be buying very often.
  11. No leg? Lightweight! Love the cut glass bowl, BTW. We have few that have been handed down through the generations - which only come out for special occasions.
  12. Creative snack tray there, Strider. I believe those are "Flip Sides" crackers?
  13. ^ Very much enjoyed Steve N Seagulls, and explored some other videos where they covered Metallica, AC/DC. All very good!
  14. There was a SNL Thanksgiving special on last night, that had some funny clips. I had forgotten how brash some of the mock commercials were. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/autumns-eve/n42346
  15. I looked tips for getting orchids to rebloom. It said they prefer cooler temps, but still need decent light, when not flowering - so my strategy of putting my first plant in the basement window box seems to be good. They also like humidity, though. That's tough, in the winter. Some people put them by their kitchen sink, so the steam from doing dishes is beneficial. They shouldn't be fertilized while blooming, but need it regularly after the blooms fall off to "recharge".
  16. That was recited by a drunken "taxi" (old beatup van full of empty beer cans) driver in the carribean, as best as I remember it. Things got a little less quaint when he suddenly pulled over in the middle of nowhere and went off on a rant about how someone "gave" him cancer. It was like something out of a zombie movie.
  17. I have a friend named Topsy He lives a life of ease He likes to sell the tourists Bags of cool island breeze And he drinks pure cane rum From an old calabash He's always up for drinking But he never has no cash
  18. Yep. My lawnmower was giving me fits, even though I put in a new plug, air filter, and cleaned up the carb.. Just for the heck of it, I poured some Drygas and fuel treatment in the tank - and now it starts first pull every time. I guess this is why they say not to leave old gas in the tank over the winter. But I'm sure I'll find something else to scream "FUCK YOU!!!" at and kick.
  19. ^ No selfie sticks on the stage, please.
  20. If anyone else has to work on Thanksgiving, we can co-misirate. Because of living paycheck to paycheck, I had volunteered for Thursday double shifts AND all holidays. I am burning up with regret, now. There may be some wacked out postings here, tommorrow.
  21. I believe you are right. So much talk about projects with new music, when he can't even muster a competent rendition of a simple and familiar song. I thought the Yardbirds could be a lifeboat for him - but now it looks like he's been thrown the anchor, instead.
  22. ^ You think he is bigger or better than this, now? What do you think of the current Yardbirds, do they have a lead guitarist that can generate interest? Why wouldn't they play some crossover Zep/Birds stuff? What would be the big deal laying down the background for Page to perform SIBLY here and there? I'm interested in your insight. I know I haven't joined these type discussions frequently, but once in a while one grabs my attention.
  23. ^ Well, now you are getting into some things that the average person wouldn't be thinking that deeply about - producer's credits and such... However, looking up some videos of recent Yardbirds performances, with Top Topham - they sound fantastic. Nothing technically astounding, or groundbreaking, but a tight group that has good groove and does just enough to be interesting. If Page were able to get himself in performing shape, this would be the perfect vehicle to ease back in, then possibly take off a little if he feels comfortable - and still has the chops. There was some note in one of the videos that Topham stopped touring with the Yardbirds in May 2015.
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