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  1. Hard to believe none other captured that sliver of time but me. The date(month year) it happened says it all - 7-77 The Hermit,The Magician and myself,The Artist were in alignment with the power of enlightenment,The Sun! - True Magick my friend! That show was not a concert - it was a magickal act - never to appear again! I also captured the moment the witch danced the dance macabre that day - That one is even more amazing! I was there -
  2. You got that right! - No other photograph of this historic moment comes close - I was there! - I took this one too! - John Bonham posing as “The Hermit” for Jimmy! Oakland 7/24/77
  3. LZ77 - got your PM - thanks a lot my friend - do you have this fanzine - my photo of John Bonham and Keith Moon printed bottom left - at least they gave me photo credit so that's cool - I can't find any photographs of this historic rock and roll event where you can see both of these two great drummers actually playing live together - this never happened before or after - Where was Neal Preston? - I don't think he was there that night - I was there! ⚡️👁⚡️
  4. I know that MY photographs "are real" - I took them! - of course people do "copy" images - stealing is more like it - it happened to me - read about how a photograph of mine became the cover of a bootleg LP in trivia - I no longer sell them for that very reason -
  5. LZ77 - thanks - the pic below was created in the darkroom - I used salt on top of the photographic paper to creat the "starry sky" - I then placed a opaque disc on top of the paper before exposing the negative - this left a white circle on the photograph which I then painted with ink to make it look like the moon - the clouds at the bottom we're taken from a separate negative and printed by "dogging and burning" onto the photographic paper - unbeknownst to me a bootlegger bought the original art and used it on this live bootleg album cover - there are two separate versions - the first version the bootleggers didn't paste the cover to the album sleeve - the second version the cover was pasted onto the sleeve - The first version is rare - shrink wrap kept the paper cover from falling out - only 500 of the first issue were released - the second version you can find on eBay for about $50 - I caught up with the bootlegger much later in LA and he told me the story - the covers were printed in LA - the vinyl was pressed in LA too - the info on the cover was printed to mislead the Feds - my original photograph was taken at The Forum 1977 - I had a six row seat in front of JP that night - 🌜👁🌛
  6. This is the way "cool" looks performing onstage - ⚡️👁⚡️
  7. Led Zeppelin Oakland 07/24/77
  8. Does anyone know what book quotes Jimmy Page saying we could have called ourselves "the potatoes" or something like that - I am looking for this quote in print -Thanks Zufo
  9. this is the best still b&w photograph of this unique event EVER!It is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's permanent collection!
  10. Are there any 1977 California shows pictured? If so, would you post them or state which shows.I don't have the book.Thanks
  11. John Bonham Keith Moon - Moby Dick drum duo - LA Forum June 23rd 1977 original print by Neal Preston - was Neal Preston there? - All I can find are "amateur" pics and a blurry video clip of this unique event in rock history - Not one shows both Bonzo and Moon PLAYING TOGETHER - Does anyone have this pic?
  12. Original Photographs from the 1969 Tour Book - The Visual Thing Ron Raffaelli photographer or original photographs of the last American concert - Oakland July 24th 1977 by Cruz Montoya Private Eye Photography.Also original photographs of John Bonham and Keith Moon drumming together - L.A. Forum June 23 1977.
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