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    South Shields, England
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    Obviously, The mighty Led Zeppelin, at the very top of the list...reading, playing guitar, history, spending time with my family and friends....especially nights out on the town with the girls in Newcastle xxx
  1. Is so looking forward to seeing Boot Led Zeppelin at the Whitely Bay Playhouse this Friday night!

  2. My sons name is Logan too!

  3. You look great lady, love your necklace...I've got one with Robert's symbol on
  4. Thanks lady, very kind of you to say so. I had that tattoo to cover up a VIIIIIIILLLLE celtic knot i had done when i was young and daft....i'm still daft, just not so young anymore!
  5. My youngest daughter wrote her name properly for the first time at nursery school today, always makes me happy when they come out of school all proud with what they've acheived
  6. When i was little, i always thought Robert was singing "telephone the sunlight" in TSRTS, instead of "California sunlight"
  7. Me and Logan on new years' eve, i wasn't very well so it's not a good pic of me, but my boy looks fab
  8. I know, was being sarky matey!!! The great unwashed indeed, haha. Him indoors reckons we're going to win, but i think Newcastle are probably going to clinch it. They aren't playing quite as bad as us at the mo. He's taking the two girls to next Saturdays home game, maybe they'll be lucky for us.....i doubt it though
  9. Ohmygod, YES! They're the best, my be all and end all, no band could ever compare to them imho
  10. OHMYGOD!!!! Cuteness on toast or what? That "B-B-B-B-BOOGIE" was almost as good as the Golden God himself! My girls are screaming at me to video them singing HOT DOG now, they thought he was great too. Thanks for sharing matey
  11. Hahahaha, alreet matey? It's true, neither are up to much just now...who are you 's playing on Sunday? ...must add that i only support Sunderland because the hubster threatened to evict me and the kids if we didn't follow his fanatic SAFC obsession...he indulges me with Zep though, so this is the give and take in our relationship
  12. Sunderland AFC ...........waiting for the taunts to start from the diehard Newcastle fans
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