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  1. Hi! I appreciated your post. :) Thanks a lot. I got the Rory Gallagher record that you recommended. It sure is great.

  2. cure for loneliness! a Robert De Niro marathon! weeee

  3. Oh you good people, you! I can't really thank you guys and gals enough. So far I got and Jeff Beck's, because it's somewhat highly recommend not only on this forum but elsewhere too. I also got several Fleetwood Mac albums, the ones with Peter Green. I'm absolutely gonna acquire most of the stuff recommended here. I really appreciated that some even took time to specify certain records/pieces that are high points in an artist's period and elaborate on why they find it the best. I have a question though, its been bugging me.. I got a CSNY record, very very basic, my first of
  4. Having discovered the blues for the first time by means of Led Zeppelin, I'd thought that I have yet to discover a fantastic genre. I have listened to Cream and Stevie Ray Vaugh, and Jimi Hendrix. But that was it. So I thought I get some of your opinions, this being a ledzep forum and all. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello there! One more year? Good for you.. Saang school ka pala?
  6. I have two more years to go in college. That long. Today my dinner consisted of grapes and peach juice.
  7. Paradise Lost, the In Requiem album.
  8. Hi! Taga asan ka? :)

  9. ^^ Wow.. I am peeking round here, and I saw that post; that is a really sweet thing to say about women, Richard.
  10. awesome scanage, Otto! I think I remember some from the old board you have posted..
  11. Hi! :D Thanks for the comment. Mircrobio is highly interesting, IMO, but readings are voluminous!! Chem too was my fave once.

  12. Hmph. I used to be the best student in class for Human Biology and other related subjects like Microbiology. But now I have Pharmacology and I'm starting to think that I'm a complete dunce at it. I'm getting depressed all the time when I get low marks. I'll try very hard to improve anyway.
  13. 19 Was also a member of the old board since late 2005.
  14. Me too. Please continue the Johnnyfest ladies...
  15. I have never seen that one before! That is so beautiful! Where's the drool smiley when you really need it??! Thank you for posting that gorgeous pic.
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