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  1. Hi! I appreciated your post. :) Thanks a lot. I got the Rory Gallagher record that you recommended. It sure is great.

  2. cure for loneliness! a Robert De Niro marathon! weeee

  3. Hello there! One more year? Good for you.. Saang school ka pala?
  4. I have two more years to go in college. That long. Today my dinner consisted of grapes and peach juice.
  5. Hi! Taga asan ka? :)

  6. awesome scanage, Otto! I think I remember some from the old board you have posted..
  7. Hi! :D Thanks for the comment. Mircrobio is highly interesting, IMO, but readings are voluminous!! Chem too was my fave once.

  8. 19 Was also a member of the old board since late 2005.
  9. I have never seen that one before! That is so beautiful! Where's the drool smiley when you really need it??! Thank you for posting that gorgeous pic.
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