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  1. Every time I see this photo, I always think it's Robert for a second!
  2. I wonder what you could be thinking of ladyraven...
  3. I'm taking it you really like the film! I'll third this one as well. At one point I'd have said Lord of the Rings, but watching all 3 extended ones in a row in one day made me realise there was only so much of it I can watch at once!
  4. I just got some exam results back today and I'm averaging at a 2.1 so far this year!!! I'm so happy!
  5. Such nice pictures! This one's new for me, looking more sober with the Jack Daniels this time!
  6. Love the pictures amazonic!!! He looks so beautiful in this one! <-- Mmm... to me he's grown older but stayed just as cool as before!
  7. ooo love your hair eviljane! It suits you
  8. These pictures are really cool! Thanks knebby! Were they taken at Headley Grange?
  9. Me neither! Great picture!
  10. Hi amazonic and thank you! I've seen you on the Jimmy board!
  11. I didn't know absinthe was illegal in the states! Yeah, it's legal here in the UK but only to a certain percentage. Random facts about me... As I think you can guess, I'm called Julia I'm a fresher at uni studying biology - but with no intent to actually do biology afterwards! Other than Zep, I'm really into Bob Dylan who I've seen twice I like chocolate buttons! I hate dancing and only do it when extremely pissed erm... I love Lord of the Rings and Lost! My favourite colour is orange I can't really think of anything really random...
  12. there's some really nice pictures on here! That's a really cool picture zoso13! Here's a couple of me:
  13. ooo thanks kissandra and hello cerisaye!
  14. I don't think that photo was meant to be...
  15. In the last photo, does anyone know who took the photos? I keep seeing photos randomly that seem to be from the same shoot and they're so nice
  16. He does look lovely in that picture
  17. They've probably been here before but these are some I've found that I've not seen: Love this one:
  18. That link is great, thanks! I love this pic So mysterious
  19. I haven't listened to the whole album properly, but I've heard 'Whisper a prayer for the dying' and really like it!
  20. Wow, these are all fantastic! You're all so talented!
  21. Thanks! I don't get along with computers very well! Glad you like the pics, they're not very good quality but I'll try and see if I can do something with them. Thanks for the pics ladyraven. I agree, he is adorable in them!
  22. Only just managed to get back on my computer but you're welcome noora and zoso13! Could someone tell me how you quote a picture or writing in a message please?
  23. Hi! I'm new here and thought the best way to start is to post some pictures of Jimmy! I don't think these have been posted yet...
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