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  1. joolia88

    Band Photos

    Ooo thanks for that one chell, I've been looking for it for a while! I think there's another one like that the same night. I wish I saved them when I saw them!
  2. joolia88

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Every time I see this photo, I always think it's Robert for a second!
  3. joolia88

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I wonder what you could be thinking of ladyraven...
  4. Of course they're betterthan anyone, but in general I'd put them more with Deep Purple.
  5. joolia88

    XM Led

    I get the emails from XM radio and I read on the bottom of one that a Led Zeppelin channel is coming out in March. I've never read a description for any artist where they tried to fit in song titles as much as they did: XM LED: The Zeppelin Channel (XM 59) will be going over the hills and far away on hiatus from XM after March 7th but don't be alarmed now cause it won't be swingin' from the gallow's pole. We've still got a whole lotta love for XM LED and will bring it on home to ramble on in the light like a fool in the rain later this year. So don't get sick again in the evening, enjoy your dancin' days and boogie with stu down by the seaside without getting dazed, confused or trampled underfoot. XM LED's presence will be down on the tiles when the levee breaks and ready to rock and roll! Your time is gonna come and the song will remain the same...later in 2008! Until then, thank you.
  6. ^ He looks so much like him there! If you ignore the mouth and nose anyway.
  7. I'm taking it you really like the film! I'll third this one as well. At one point I'd have said Lord of the Rings, but watching all 3 extended ones in a row in one day made me realise there was only so much of it I can watch at once!
  8. I just got some exam results back today and I'm averaging at a 2.1 so far this year!!! I'm so happy!
  9. We felt it here in Sheffield, but I only remember vaguely in my sleep saying "What was that..." and my room mate said "Nothing..." and that was it! Some people were at a D&B union night and thought it was just the music getting louder for a bit!
  10. I'm so glad to hear everything's going well, I understand how you may feel. A friend of mine sadly lost her battle a few years ago, but I'm so happy things are positive for you and your husband. God bless.
  11. joolia88

    Band Photos

    Not sure who the woman is but she seems completely oblivious to them making faces!
  12. joolia88

    Jimmy's Hair

    ^ His hair looks really cool in that picture!
  13. joolia88

    Young Jimmy

    You did this one really well, well done!
  14. joolia88

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Such nice pictures! This one's new for me, looking more sober with the Jack Daniels this time!
  15. joolia88

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Love the pictures amazonic!!! He looks so beautiful in this one! <-- Mmm... to me he's grown older but stayed just as cool as before!
  16. I've always liked reggie29's. They're so original!
  17. ooo love your hair eviljane! It suits you
  18. I heard that on the radio "I won't say much because I'm the quiet one!"
  19. These pictures are really cool! Thanks knebby! Were they taken at Headley Grange?
  20. joolia88

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Me neither! Great picture!
  21. Hi amazonic and thank you! I've seen you on the Jimmy board!
  22. I didn't know absinthe was illegal in the states! Yeah, it's legal here in the UK but only to a certain percentage. Random facts about me... As I think you can guess, I'm called Julia I'm a fresher at uni studying biology - but with no intent to actually do biology afterwards! Other than Zep, I'm really into Bob Dylan who I've seen twice I like chocolate buttons! I hate dancing and only do it when extremely pissed erm... I love Lord of the Rings and Lost! My favourite colour is orange I can't really think of anything really random...
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