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  1. Does anybody know if the band ever rehearsed or made recordings for a new album after ITTOD? I really don´t know two much about studio bootlegs from Zepp.
  2. When I saw as a kid a BBC documentary with a snippet of Page´s solo from Stairway, TSRTS version, it was just jaw-dropping for me.
  3. Is this official or what? The label seems odd, but isn´t Carruthers the guy that was in charge of the LZ DVD? Any info on this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Led-Zeppelin-IV-DVD/dp/B00CPNFY4M/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1368748623&sr=1-1&keywords=led+zeppelin
  4. The most famous of them all: Jim Morrison - Mr Mojo Risin´
  5. For those who havn´t seen it, I recommend you the german and recent movie the Red Baron.
  6. Where are you little girl?

  7. The same thing happened to me. I had never known about Terry reid since a couple of months ago. He IS a very talented singer and guitar player. Of course, had he joined Page, things would have been dofferent, but surely awesome too. Can you imagine two guitars plus terry´s voice? That woulkd have been great!- Listen to Seed of memory...it has a very dark sound and terry sings beautifuly.
  8. Mark Knopfler, about 1988: I allways considered unfair that Zepp refused to release complilation albums.
  9. Was zepp the first band in rock and roll to be accused of satanism and subliminal messages on their lirycs?
  10. Van Halen did also rock and roll. But the version of the rover is really great. ferocious.
  11. My latest 5 purchases Shades of Deep Purple Deep Purple Stormbringer remaster The Police Certifiable the Doors live at the matrix Jethro tull Catfish rising & Roots to Branches
  12. There is an aweome argentinian tribute Band called helium. They have been quite inactive last year but I suggest you check out www.heliumhardrock.com.ar
  13. What is the legend of the four hour Boston Tea party?
  14. Some years ago I heard a radio special on LZ. They said that Stairway to heaven´s live debut was in Belfast, in march 1971. They also said that after performing it, the crowd remained in absolute silence, so Plant said to the rest of the band "I don´t think this song is suitable for a live show" but immediately after the crowd exploded in applause and demanded to be performed again. Is this a legend or is true indeed?
  15. There is a rumor that says PLant attended at least one of the roundhouse concerts from the doors in 1968. Do you know if it's true?
  16. Made in japn is absolutely without any doubt teh greatest live album f rock. There is nothing undoctored live avt that can mach the glory of MIJ.
  17. Does anybody know if the tampa 76 footage is available on bootleg?
  18. They have Knebworth At least 2 shows from earl´s court have you seen the new video section on this site? There is many ffotage from 80 and 77 too they have japan 71 or 72 tapes etc
  19. Old editio: vinyl, CD, don´t know if casstete, vhs, DVD new edition CD, DVD HD DVD, BR DVD, vinyl
  20. Why keep they rereleasing already available materal in every damn format? Now we have vinyl editions of the song remains the same and Mothership! When is page going to realize that fans want new stuff ? And of course, I reaaly beleive that new material will sell much better than new editions of alder material. There are thousands of tapes and footage that could be used instead of the same old stuff.
  21. Of course Bonzo is a brilliant and awesome drummer, but I don´t think he is so far ahead others. Ian Paice is an incredible performer, even when his band was falling a´´art in 1976. And bonzo himself said that Barrie Barlow was Englands best drummer ever.
  22. Isn´t it Liwing WITH the past??
  23. Antbody knows what the fuck is going on with the documentary dvd?
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