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  1. Finaly someone critical and objective. Someone whio understands rock music without any fanatism.
  2. I´m afraid Purple does get a lot of recognition. the problem is that they are an active band. If they had not reformed in the 80´s, they would have achieved the same status of zepp. Did you know purple wa sthe top selling artist in 73 in the states, at tyhe same time of zepp popularity´s peak?? There is something to think about. And being plant a great performer, morrison´s voice has no equal in the whole rock history.
  3. If i had posted the original question in apurple thread, the answer would have been exactly the oposite. As I like both bands so much, I have to say that sometimes is better bblackmore and others page, and the same with bonzo and paice. Would you consider plant a better frontman than Jim Morrison? hmmmm
  4. Blackmore vs Page and Paice vs Bonzo...only if you are either a zepp or purple fan can you decide for one of them.
  5. Japanese gigs are said to be really good, while the 77 tour had a great setlist, and some night were good enough I sopose. Any of those woud be nice. There is so little live official material than any new live release will be much expected. what would you think if they were to release the earls court or knebworth stuff?
  6. Why mobody votes or at least mentions Richie Blackmore? Deep Purple seems never to be mentioned in all these forums. Is there some kind of rivality between zepp and Purple?
  7. Stairway to heaven is a real rock anthem. The problem is, like many other superpopular songs, that you get tired of listening to it, and then you realise there are plenty of enjoyable songs behind. Th Doors fan would feel the same with Light My Firem as any deep purple fan would do with smoke on the water.
  8. Who is such an idiot to compare Mozart with Page? ´There is no way to compare them! For those who dislike Mozart or cklassic music, remember that they inspired many bands from the 70s.
  9. Wrong Made in japan has no comparison at all. there just isn´t a better rocke live album!
  10. Made in Japan is superior to HTWWW: the performance is actualy a brain melting assault, it doesn´t loer the spped and tension intensity at any point. AND is completely unedited, beleive it or not.
  11. Every single album has it´s own highs and lows. Some tracks are better performed on HTWWW and others on TSRTS. Both have plenty of edits. TSRTS lacks the acoustic section and so on. Both are great to listen and a must for any zepp fan.
  12. Wow!!! Cool man! Do you know which of these concerts or tours were officialy recorded? I can´t understand why a band like zeppelin, which based its reputation much in their live shows, have so little live material officialy available!
  13. Very interesting info... Di you know if When the leave breaks was oficcialy recorded?
  14. What the hell were you expecting??The new cd edition has a stunning sound. And Page has tried to stay as faithful as tghe original performance. If there is too much editing and splicing toghether, you also shout cheat!! So stop complaining and enjoy this new version and keep the old version for your collections!!
  15. Why is there so little bootleg stuff from Zepp on Youtube?
  16. Well, you can´t judge a great band like purple only cause os smoke on the water and highwaystar. It would be the same as judging Zepp because of Stairway to heaven. Just to give you a clue...Purple were the biggest selling band in america in 73 and 85 when they reformed. deep Purple Made in Japan is a must have for any serious rock fan
  17. I used not to like it but I recently re-discovered the song and is beautiful. Jimmyps solo IS great and the whole song is sooo powerfull. I also feel When the leave breakes is very under-rated
  18. I bought my cd set yesterday and I´m listening to it as I post here. first thing to say, as I have not listened to it all the way through, the new aedition has a nice package! I don´t understand people who said they had trouble at pulling out the booklet without damaging it. However, it is tru that card slipcases get damaged too soon, no matter how good you treat them!! Second, reading to the liner notes, it states that the Baltimore and Pittsburgh were filmed at least in part...does anybody know if those scenes were ever seen? Third and last for now...it states that the only other band
  19. sorry..I meant Made in Japan
  20. Not at all...the best live album ever is Deep Purple live in Japan!
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