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    Sweet leaf, hippie hair, black eye-liner, strawberry-stained cigarette butts, the '70s, suede boots, tight jeans, Dean Martin, campy horror films from the 60s, Curb Your Enthusiasm, cilantro, vinyl
  1. If you might read this: the intergalactic party committee wishes you a happy birthday!

  2. Thank you very much.

    I have so many on my hard drive just waiting to be uploaded to my site aha

  3. I love your bootleg site.. always nice to see another younger fan of the boots. There are some real gems to be found. :)

  4. Fantastic show.. especially love 'The Rain Song'.. Robert's voice cracks a bit at the end there and it's imperfect in the most perfect way.
  5. Haha.. thank you. People have been known to tell me they have stared at the picture for 10 minutes at a time... I used a simple webcam effect, groovy huh? Can't stare at it too long.. just like you can't listen to 'Stairway' backwards. Bad things happen. ;)

  6. Wow, just saw you in 3D. Very cool indeed, too bad the icon is so petite.

  7. Thank you! Enjoying the new Jimmy site? :)

  8. you have the best icon on this site...now that's f'n cool! Awesome!

  9. Thank you for all the boots.. my quality of life has improved substantially! :)

  10. Thank you so so so so so much for your contributions all over the board.. especially the Zeppelin mysteries thread. :)

  11. Today it's Chasing the Dragon from Dallas, 03/04/75.... not their most energetic show but it's worth it just to hear the Plantations.. Robert's in a bit of a prickly mood and you can tell.
  12. Do studio outtakes count? I'm listening to some studio audio from the 1972 Bombay Sessions... Jimmy is trying to explain "Friends" to the orchestra musicians and I can hear the tension in his voice. Once it gets rolling it's quite beautiful, though.
  13. Everyone's lookin' good, guys. Haven't been around here much. I got this in the mail today and had to share. It might look seem like it but it plays beautifully. I just about died when I opened the package. And some randoms:
  14. T.REX! You are awesome! Thanks for that.. made me smile. :)

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