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  1. I love your bootleg site.. always nice to see another younger fan of the boots. There are some real gems to be found. :)

  2. Fantastic show.. especially love 'The Rain Song'.. Robert's voice cracks a bit at the end there and it's imperfect in the most perfect way.
  3. Haha.. thank you. People have been known to tell me they have stared at the picture for 10 minutes at a time... I used a simple webcam effect, groovy huh? Can't stare at it too long.. just like you can't listen to 'Stairway' backwards. Bad things happen. ;)

  4. Thank you! Enjoying the new Jimmy site? :)

  5. Thank you for all the boots.. my quality of life has improved substantially! :)

  6. Thank you so so so so so much for your contributions all over the board.. especially the Zeppelin mysteries thread. :)

  7. Today it's Chasing the Dragon from Dallas, 03/04/75.... not their most energetic show but it's worth it just to hear the Plantations.. Robert's in a bit of a prickly mood and you can tell.
  8. Do studio outtakes count? I'm listening to some studio audio from the 1972 Bombay Sessions... Jimmy is trying to explain "Friends" to the orchestra musicians and I can hear the tension in his voice. Once it gets rolling it's quite beautiful, though.
  9. Everyone's lookin' good, guys. Haven't been around here much. I got this in the mail today and had to share. It might look seem like it but it plays beautifully. I just about died when I opened the package. And some randoms:
  10. T.REX! You are awesome! Thanks for that.. made me smile. :)

  11. I have been HEAVILY into CCR and Deep Purple lately (in addition to my beloved Zep, of course ) "Machine Head" was in heavy rotation all day today. Great album.
  12. My friend came up with "Zeppophile".. I'm partial to "Led-head"
  13. Looking good, everybody! I've been spending a lot of time in the photo threads.. lately with my semester starting up again and prepping for the GRE/LSAT all I have time to do is look.. getting a daily dose of Led Zeppelin pics makes my day so beautiful.
  14. I love coming to this thread and losing myself in all the knowledge our awesome members pass around. Thanks, guys.
  15. I'm watching this... I may be a huge dork, but I seriously love watching stuff like this... totally different from my other tastes in music, but this is just awesome to me.
  16. I'd estimate 75% of my daily diet is composed of orange foods.... oranges, baby carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe melon, apricots, peaches... not intentional but something I noticed just now.. *munches on a baby carrot* I start every day with a Beatles song. I actually quite enjoy all my classes this semester: criminology, statistics and research design for psychology, developmental psychology, and life and death decisions.
  17. It's a flower ring.. I put it on backwards to make it look like a had a flower in my hand. But yea... everyone here looks so great.. it's cool to put a picture to a username. Some sexy cats we have here.
  18. Hulllo there, everyone! I miss this board and my fellow members so much.. school is driving me INSANE, sucking up every ounce of free time that I have... I started classes on Wednesday and already have a huge research proposal in my evolutionary psych class due soon. Just wanted to pop in and say
  19. I've been doing ok.. Going to summer classes to get some credits out of the way. I have one day off before the second session begins, and then as soon as that finishes I move into an apartment and go back to school in Austin. Its all going at a fast pace but I think I prefer always being on the move rather than never having something to do. Ill try to be around more.
  20. I miss this forum.. I haven't had time to sift through any of the threads or contribute anything relevant.. Hopefully I'll make time soon.. I miss you guys.
  21. Gosh, I havent been around here in ages. It's finally summertime.. yay!
  22. I finally picked a topic for my sociological research proposal. That's a load off my mind. Bad news is that I now have to do actual research.... which means I'll be a hermit for the next three months.
  23. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I've received the most perfect, rocknroll valentine from my mom and brothers (and dog)... Kind of makes this day not so sad
  24. If I recall correctly that was his only novel to date. Maybe you're thinking of Timothy Ferris?
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