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  1. Ong Jaycee so good to see you here
  2. I love your bootleg site.. always nice to see another younger fan of the boots. There are some real gems to be found. :)

  3. Not arguing with you. You sure do have it all figured out after 4 posts.
  4. The negativity isn't meant maliciously.. just after years and years of rumors and getting our hopes up only to get shot down.. it gets old. And this is a pretty substantial rumor in which to implicate this Pat Sommers woman. It would be absolutely amazing, if true... but, at this point, it's just he said/she said speculation.
  5. Fantastic show.. especially love 'The Rain Song'.. Robert's voice cracks a bit at the end there and it's imperfect in the most perfect way.
  6. Straight from the horses mouth, it would seem.... trying not to get my hopes up too high. But
  7. Haha.. thank you. People have been known to tell me they have stared at the picture for 10 minutes at a time... I used a simple webcam effect, groovy huh? Can't stare at it too long.. just like you can't listen to 'Stairway' backwards. Bad things happen. ;)

  8. Thank you! Enjoying the new Jimmy site? :)

  9. It's gone.. it's supposed to change every day: new audio clip and new JP anecdote to go along with it. I hope someone archives them!
  10. Ok. now that the sleep deprivation has worn off, I've gotten a chance to get a fresh look at the site.. the selection of photos really is underwhelming, especially considering the watermark issues, like SAJ noted. I keep getting page errors, too. I understand a LOT of people are trying to access it and that was expected when it launched this morning but 12+ hours later I'm still getting errors.. I can't access the discography page at all but, from what I've heard, you only have the option to 'favourite' certain albums. I was expecting something a little more interactive. I do love that the front page has changed to reflect the date.. new layout, new sound clip, and a JP anecdote to go along with it. That is cool.. but other than that, I'm just trying to figure out if they're going to launch more site features or if this is it. I'm not particularly well versed in show date/tour chronology like some of the expert members here but even I noticed a discrepancy in some early Yardy tourdates... specifically some Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tour dates. I mean, if I'm noticing that I can't imagine how it might be driving some of you up the wall to see those kinds of errors and omissions. Finally, the misspellings.. they had a countdown so it's not like they didn't have a specific time frame in regards to when this all had to be ready to go. I love the aesthetic quality of the site... very VERY Jimmy and very exciting to have a new place to poke around at. I'm very glad to have been able to experience this... I'm sure all the kinks will be worked out soon.
  11. It's lovely.. I accessed the site around 7:12-7:15 AM and then got locked out for about 5 minutes, freaked out and almost cried, and then was able to finally get back in. After hearing those damn couple of notes on a loop for the past 12 hours, you'd think the song on the homepage would make me sick... but nah. Love the design and the layout.. the "On This Day" section is going to be mind-blowingly cool, I can tell already. Can't wait to see what lies ahead! The sleep deprivation was SO worth it.
  12. I was feeling innovative. But that would be too easy.
  13. "A minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way Sittin, lookin at the clock, time moves so slow I've been watchin for the hands to move Until I just can't look no more"
  14. I keep switching between hearing shades of the "Heartbreaker" and "WLL" intros in my head when it plays. My head is about to explode.
  15. I wonder what happens if you play the sand audio backwards
  16. Hearing voices in the sand. This is psychologically damaging.
  17. Thank you for all the boots.. my quality of life has improved substantially! :)

  18. Thank you so so so so so much for your contributions all over the board.. especially the Zeppelin mysteries thread. :)

  19. I remember reading the "Led Zeppelin phase" article and loving it...
  20. Happy Birthday, Bonzo. Miss you so much. Your spirit lives on in the music.. the backbone of the band we all share a ridiculous amount of love for, you were a presence on and off stage. Every time I hear the drum squeaks I miss you even more.
  21. Today it's Chasing the Dragon from Dallas, 03/04/75.... not their most energetic show but it's worth it just to hear the Plantations.. Robert's in a bit of a prickly mood and you can tell.
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