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This movie is the best comic book/graphic novel adaptation I've ever seen.

Wait, one of the best movies I've seen period.

It doesn't do the graphic novel justice, but it's not a graphic novel. As a film, this stands alone as a bloody fantastic piece of art.

My only complaints: At times the cinematography lacked detail and creativity

Some of the minor character motivations and aspects of the major characters were altered.

I can live with that though. This movie completely blew "Dark Knight" out of the water, but really, Christopher Nolan didn't have Watchmen to work with, and Zack Snyder seems to be the best guy to go to if you want a faithful adaptation of a graphic novel or comic book.

One of the things I loved was the soundtrack. Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin" worked incredibly well in the opening credits, and Jimi's version of All Along The Watchtower blew me away in this context. Along with many other great songs, excluding the one shitty MCR song in the end credits, but really, I was already leaving during the credits anyway.

So, who watched the Watchmen?

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This movie is so much more than a pretty piece of action, it explores some very major philosophical themes, unlike any other comic book/superhero movie has done before.

As I've said before, the ending is a nice big "fuck you" to the typical hollywood ending.

And yes, the director Zack Synder also did 300, so some of the fight scenes have a vague resemblance to that slow-motion style.

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One of the greatest films I've ever watched. Far better than even the Dark Knight.

My only problem was Ozymandias was probably miscast and Rorschach's therapist dude didn't act like I expected him after reading the novel.

Anywho, phenomenal movie. 10 out of 10

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