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  1. He never finishes the job? Is that why it takes him 5 years to finish a book? I'm fairly certain he told the writers of the series the ending of the books. Unfortunately, Martin takes too long to write the books so the tv show writers are probably going to have to deviate from now on. But hey, it's been a hell of a ride. (Also, I haven't read the books so...I probably won't visit this thread again. Spoilers and whatnot, you understand).
  2. All evidence says yes he was in charge of it. To say otherwise is factually incorrect and requires a gross ignorance of physics and chemistry. I'm sorry, but that's the absolute truth. There's no arguing it
  3. How anyone could not celebrate this man's death is beyond me. I'm sorry, but it's not akin to some mean Joe schmo who died next door. This man mrudered 3,000 people. Bout time we knocked his face out.
  4. Ron Paul wins the Presidency: 2012! Libertarian Party takes control of Congress! Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke put in jail for not turning over Federal Reserve records to Congress; Spent billions on programs that hurt America
  5. My whole day makes me unhappy. Class from 10:20-11:40, 12:40-1:30, 3:00-4:20, work from 5-9:30, homework rest of night. Yay college!
  6. Damn right to the second part. But to address the first half of your statement, I'm just going to say that its a major understatement. If you get caught a second time then the shit starts hitting the fan
  7. Yeah tell that to the people who've been caught...
  8. Its none of their business if I smoke before I go to bed.
  9. Adam Smith Kurt Vonnegut Leon Uris Ron Paul Oskar Schindler Papa WBD William Wallace William Buckley
  10. Hiya. Good your here WBD. Keep up the humor and honor to Zep.

  11. Personally I loved it. In any case, I remember getting in an argument with hermit about illusions and disillusionment. His argument was that disillusionment was ALWAYS, without exception, good. That illusions never helped a situation and whatnot. The reason I'm recalling this argument is because this book argues otherwise, and I have to admit that I cited it in my reading. Well eventually I'm going to attempt Atlas Shrugged when I'm not working and reading for school. But not for a while I think.
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