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Do any men still go to the pub after work to unload all their sh*t onto their mates?

Bring Them On Back

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My RE teacher was talking about it today, tomorrow's Beyond Blue depression day and he went off on a rant littered with "bull**** f***ing bloody churchy sh*t f***ing w*nkers" (he's about 60 and he's only employed coz his cousin is in admin, great teacher though and he brings a guitar to class :))

Anyway he was going on about how men who think they're too tough to go to a councillor or ask someone for a hug (great impersonations here) used to go down to the pub to the men-only bar to talk about whatever they wanted and wind down, but now noone does that coz they've all gone to nightclubs with "tone deaf computer generated bull****... it all sounds the same no Bohemian Rhapsodies, I tell you..." (he says this stuff every lesson) So he starts again... "They'd all go and sit in the bar and 'shed their sh*t' without any women f***ing with them and it was great. and that seems to have gone out the window so I dunno..."

Anyway he is right, does anyone here still go down to the pub to 'shed their ****?' Did you used to?

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