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"Lost" Verses For Led Zeppelin's Songs


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We all know how Robert had a penchant for adding or changing verses and lyrics to the songs.

So I thought it would be interesting and a bit of FUN to write some alternate or extra lyric and verse to their songs.

Please keep it within context to the original and not to be taken serious.

Come on all you poets, why don't you join in?

Achilles Last Stand

Outside the walls of Troy, Hector stands alone

The clashing of the bronze, Tripping on a stone

Vanquishing his foe Achilles turns to go

Binding feet and hands his chariot rolls on the sand

Oh to win the day, to build a horse and ride away

The arrow finds the heel, life lost of all it's worth

Oh the mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth.

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"Fool In The Rain"

Now there's a beggar bugging me for a dime

and a street corner girl offering a good time

Hey, I'm about to lose my worried mind

oh, the things in Chicago I find


Now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Nice little SIBLY reference! :P

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