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4/27/69 DADGAD remaster

chef free

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In comment #4101525 kingmike wrote something like this:


>well, I was a hair apprehensive on "another 4.27.69" BUT, kids, this is

>the goods, chucking my other versions....head and maybe shoulders above

>"Collage" and "The Devil's Blues".....WOW, speechless...


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>From: David Heffron [mailto:dheffron@sonic.net]

>Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 4:24 PM

>To: 'mwuest@earthlink.net'

>Subject: Another version?


>But these fresh transfers are apparently worth it...


>Led Zeppelin - 1969-04-27

>Venue: Fillmore West

>City: San Francisco

>Country: USA


>Quality: Good/Excellent Audience/Soundboard No Of Cds: 2



>Combination of mainly soundboard with audience* spliced in to fill the


>- mixed and remastered with Adobe Audition 3.0


>First Set:

>01 The Train Kept A Rollin' (CD1)*

>02 I Can't Quit You Baby

>03 As Long As I Have You

>- Fresh Garbage

>- Bags' Groove

>- Cat's Squirrel

>- I'm A Man

>- No Money Down

>04 You Shook Me

>05 How Many More Times*

>- Smokestack Lightning

>- Beck's Bolero

>- The Hunter

>- Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

>06 Communication Breakdown


>Second Set:

>07 Killing Floor (CD2)*

>08 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

>09 White Summer/Black Mountain Side*

>10 Sitting And Thinking

>11 Pat's Delight*

>12 Dazed And Confused


>Audience lineage: low gen Analogue>CDr(x)>FLAC Soundboard lineage:

>unverified Reel Master>DAT(x)>CDr(x)>FLAC


>Mixed and remastered July MMX


>dadgad prod.


>This is different from any of the bootlegs, low gen single audience or

>soundboard and from any of the bootlegs, low gen aud/sbd mix that might

>be present on the tracker as this is a brand new SBD/AUD mix from low

>gen transfers that I completed myself in July 2010.


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So I have Collage and replaced that with The Devil's Blues....so this Dadgad version is the definitive version available now?

I would definitely check out dadgad's version. I prefer Devil's Blues myself, but you might prefer dadgad's. These two versions certainly are the best two.

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