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Anyone seen these two new dvd's offered by fisheads?? look very interesting! the last "assemblage" was amazing........and the earls court 24th DVD offered on "knights of the court" by genuine masters was very good......just wondering how much better this one could possibly be to the genuine masters version (was it not the definitive one)??

also i have the "past,present and future" empress valley dvd release from a few years back.....anyone know if there is a different version of these two knebworth shows that are clearer and sound better then that dvd release?? cheers

below the two new dvd titles:

----In the Court of King James (5/24/75 UK Pro Shot) HUGE Upgrade!! 2 Pressed DVD Empress

-----Assemblage II - 1 Pressed DVD Cosmic Energy Label ........The following clips are included:

Fillmore East, NY 1/31/69 *

Beat Club 3/27/69 * (You Shook Me, Babe Im Gonna Leave You)

Maryland 5/25/69 (backstage w/ The Who)

Dallas, TX 8/31/69 (Huge Upgrade)

Charlotte, NC 4/7/70

Berlin, Germany 7/19/70

Headley Grange 1970 *

Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 *

Sydney, Australia 2/27/72 * (B&W Fan footage)

Los Angeles, CA 5/31/73

San Francisco, CA 6/2/73 *

New York, NY 7/27/73 **

New York, NY 7/28/73 **

Ft. Worth, TX 3/3/75 *

Midnight Special 3/75 * (Plant interview)

San Diego, CA 1977 * (news footage)

Seattle, WA 7/17/77 * (Huge Upgrade)

Oakland, CA 7/23/77 *

Knebworth, UK 8/4/79

Zurich, Switzerland 6/29/80 *

* First time available on DVD

** First time available with sync


Seattle, WA 1969

Ottawa, Canada 1970

Los Angeles, CA 1972

Tampa, FL 3/75

New York City, NY 6/77


Houses of the Holy 1973

Texas 3/75 & 3/77

Buffalo, NY 8/6/77

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I just bought Assemblage II this week and hope to receive it next week some time. Can't wait to view it. I am wondering if the Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 youtube clip that showed up this past week is from this new dvd?? I have the first Assemblage dvd and it was great.

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Just got this and skimmed through it. Looks good!

Excuse my ignorance, but does anyone know who the guy in the red shirt and glasses flashing the V-sign is, outside the Hotel Hiroshima in the 69-72 menu? And Robert's hair looks amazing there!

The footage from Japan is accompanied by Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker, unsynched. Not sure if this is what was posted before, as I can't find it!

Edit: just found the youtube clip. Looks like the same footage, but whoever created that has done a better job than Cosmic Energy, synching it to more plausble music. On the DVD, you get Jimmy playing the double-neck during Heartbreaker, and Bonzo standing up during the song.

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i have both the titles mentioned the earls court is fantastic the picture is so clear however there are a few annoying audio drop outs on this which is a shame

as for assemblage 2 there is some really great stuff on that collection its really good to have filmore stuff on dvd some of the footage and audio sinc is questionable but i have seen far worse on a zep release.

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