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  1. For the life of me I'll never understand why they didn't restart Achilles. Perhaps you're onto something and they just wanted to get the hell out of there so plowed on with it.
  2. I'll only believe that this will come to fruition once I'm seeing it with my own eyes. Sadly, I've learned to have 0 expectations from any supposed official Zeppelin related releases. I seriously would not be surprised if it fades into the ether along with Jimmy's solo album, his desire to be seen playing live, the supposed releases for the 50th that never happened etc. All that said, I hope to god I'm proved wrong!
  3. Rock n Roll just sounded so damn tired in '75. I always skip it when listening to a '75 show.
  4. Yes I have often wondered this re the tour myself. Same with the lack of professional recordings/filming the band had done of their concerts. PG was a great manager, and without him, maybe we're not on this forum dissecting and discussing a band that has ceased to exist since 1980. One cannot deny the questionable decisions regarding your points made above though.
  5. I don't have much time but I'll give my concise thoughts. They opened with rock and roll for way too long, it was tired by '75, and often a painful listen due to Rob croaking his way through the song. TSRTS was a perfect opener and the segue into The Rover/Sick Again was a serious 1-2 punch. Sometimes I do wish though that the band had played the full version of The Rover. But man, just listen to any half decent aud of an above average '77 show, the opening salvo of TSRTS and Sick Again had the atmosphere at a fever pitch.
  6. You've got to have some real blinkers on to try and defend Jimmy's playing during those concerts. Still, the point was that it massive that he was playing on stage again, let alone playing guitar. Its a miracle he was able to play at all in that condition.
  7. Just one last thing on Garcia/the Dead. I noticed you mentioned you were wanting to track down some stuff with Nicky playing with the band. Check out this release https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_It_Rock:_The_Jerry_Garcia_Collection,_Vol._2 It's really good... Might change your opinion of the JGB.
  8. ^ Have you listened to the version from the San Diego '75 show (the 'Conspiracy Theory' boot)? That must be one of the longest too, about 32 mins.
  9. I'll also give an honourable mention to 27/6/77, which I just finished listening to. One of the longer versions ever played, features a nice piano solo by Jones and Jimmy's solo is quite fluid and pleasing too. The little jam right before the end of his solo section is nice, I wish it went on a bit longer than a few bars. It's been a treat over the past couple of weeks revisiting a lot of these shows and Zeppelin in general. I haven't really listened to them in years since I burned myself out on the band in my late teens/early 20s when I almost exclusively to Zep. Now at the age of 30 it's been great revisiting and remembering just why they have been my favourite band for over a decade.
  10. Ah yes Baton Rouge, of course! Another great show.
  11. Oh man I love a lot of the JGB stuff. He did a lot of great covers and that band was darn tight. 'Dear Prudence' was always particularly good. I digress... On the topic of NQ, I was listening to the version from 3/3/75, which I haven't heard for a long time, and hadn't maybe listened to more than once or twice, and by George, it's a great version. Features longer than usual interplay between Bonham and Jones, really groovy stuff! If I'm not mistaken, this was the first show Jonesy used the piano as opposed to the electric piano for the middle section I think. Anyway, I encourage all of my fellow NQ fanatics to revisit this version, it really is quite stellar.
  12. Yep he was as hooked as Jerry was. They were both touring for that same purpose.
  13. Jerry was definitely the king of playing high. Even during the late 70s/early 80s Dead and JGB shows when he was looking his most ragged and near rock bottom his playing was still pretty consistently good. Sure he had some off years, particularly toward the end but man it was amazing he played as consistently as he did while being strung out on all manner of substances. I've read that the main reason him and John Kahn relentlessly toured when the Dead weren't on the road was to make money to score H as Jerry blew through so much money on drugs. Crazy stuff.
  14. ^ As much as I love the Dead, they were notorious for dosing other people and acts apparently. Deadheads really romanticise the amount of LSD that surrounded the band, especially in the early days, but some of what they were doing with it wasn't cool imo.
  15. I find myself enjoying the chatter on that tape, really gives you a snapshot into that exact night and adds to the atmosphere. It's a piece of history, although one does have to be in the right mood to listen to it. I can't remember if it's the same show or tapers (I'm sure Nutrocker can help me out on this one) but during NQ on one of the NY '77 shows you can hear the tapers giving a girl a hit off her first joint, which always makes me laugh. Imagine that, your first time high being at a '77 LZ show!
  16. What about the one and only time they did 'Old Man' by Love at the 27/3/75 forum show? I always thought that was pretty cool. I think the longest dazed too, clocking in at 46 mins!
  17. I don't think DW will ever get the re release treatment. Im pretty sure the Stones and most Stones fans would rather forget that album was ever released 🤣
  18. All of this stuff is so easily obtainable for free. Kinda ironic that one of those photos is I believe backstage at the Silverdome before they went on, the footage of which, is a holy grail. I hope it sees the light of day sometime...
  19. On the topic of '77 tapes and the quality of said tapes. If the second night in LA (22/6) had a better quality tape, or at least the partial source which is quite a good quality tape the whole way through then I think that it would be viewed as maybe the best show of the whole run. It's overlooked, much like 26/6 show because Millard didn't tape it, but boy oh boy, does it absolutely smoke. Maybe Page's best show of the tour, the intensity of his playing is phenomenal and just so on point. The version of SIBLY is up there with the best versions of their career, let alone the best versions from '77... Those of you who haven't dusted off that show in a while, I would encourage you to do.
  20. No Quarter from one of those Cincinnati shows (I forget which) absolutely smokes. The outro soloing from Page is killer.
  21. Page doesn't owe anybody anything but it makes me sad that his peers are still creating and playing music while he does stuff like this. I suppose at least he's stopped with the comments about a solo album. Seems he's not even kidding himself anymore on that front...
  22. Hey dude could I please have a link? Thanks!
  23. Rod is just a shadow of his former self these days which is a shame, voice is completely shot.
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