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This is to accompany the Led Zeppelin Dictionary LZD

Drum Stick - Moby Dick

That's The Way - JPJ

I'm Gonna Crawl - Les Paul

Philleas Fog - Hot Dog

Horlicks - Four Sticks

Richard Cole - Gallows Pole

Seismic Shock - Candy Store Rock

Do No Wrong - Immigrant Song

Attila the hun - Tea For One

Millenium Dome - Bring It On Home

Gordon's Gin - Theramin

Purple Umberella - Carouselambra

Dead Pigs Eye - Custard Pie

Half A Brain - Fool In The Rain

Mickey Taker - Dyer Maker

Shakespears Plays - Dancing Days

Iron Age - Jimmy Page

Up to 11 - Stairway to Heaven

Your last rolo = Jimmy Page Solo

Give the dog a bone = Ten Years Gone

Major Bummer = White Summer

Jimmy's a star = Bron -Y- Aur

Funny ol' Game = The Song Remains The Same

Taking its Toll = Rock 'n' Roll

Cheech & Chong = The Rain Song

Six of the Best = Filmore West

Orville Wright = Night Flight

Bricks & Mortar = No Quarter

Roberts' Jeans = Royal Orleans

Victoria Sponge = The Crunge

Idle Talk = Walters Walk

Ring Tailed Dove = Whole Lotta Love

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Nice rhymes. I can imagine Billy Joel singing those lines.

// I was like " :blink: " when I saw the topic on "new topics", because I've read it "ZDR" instead of "ZRD" :lol:

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