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Jason Bonham: The Disregard of Scrapbooking


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The Macomb Daily (July 6, 1990) (Macomb County, MI)


Note to forum readers: I've been seeking the WRIF 101.1 FM radio simulcast of this gig for over 20 years now. Please contact me via PM if you have this show available for trade.

Scan courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive

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As Zeptember turns to Rocktober and the imminent launch of Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Tour it seems appropriate to start a new thread for the purpose of presenting a vast array of periodicals, photographs, videoclips, anecdotes, gig reviews etc. from Jason's three decades in rock music.



Airrace was the first group Jason Bonham joined, at age 17. They released one hard-driving rock album in 1984, Shaft Of Light.

Vocals: Keith Murrell

Guitars: Laurie Mansworth

Bass: Jim Reid,

Keyboards: Toby Sadler

Drums: Jason Bonham

Holy S$%t. That's awesome. I've never seen this. Thanks.

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Today the thought occured to me...Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience is going to be his most memorable tour ever.

....and so will for His "Uncles" X3;They will remember they witnessed "what should have been witnessed".....it will be be a moment of celebration to see one of their Child in this immense role of lifetime, everything takes time....

....beautiful Thread...

...enjoyed all the videos/articles....Jimmy does look awesome, glad this moment was filmed...

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Faces Rocks! (April 1992) (USA)



Note the photo of Jason & Daniel was taken three years prior as Jason is wearing the jacket he wore throughout his journey to Russia for the Moscow Music & Peace Festival held in August 1989. Jason signed the jacket and presented it to the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City on November 1st 1989.

Scans courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive

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