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The World According to Jimmy Page

Led Zep Girl

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Cool post Led Zep girl. Thanks for sharing. :)

....yes, great that LZG has posted this, ....good to see an overview , ...'75 was long time ago for Jimmy, seems like yesterday for Robert..........

On what made his band work, as told to People in 1975

“The actual chemistry — or is it alchemy — of the group is that everything just always fits together. I can go roaring off on a solo, then suddenly break off into staccato. I look up at Robert [Plant] and somehow we’re all there. It’s like ESP.”

On the accoutrements of fame, as told to Rolling Stone in 1975

“I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. But it’s not. It’s airplanes, hotel rooms, limousines and armed guards standing outside rooms. I don’t get off on that part of it all. But it’s the price I’m willing to pay to get out and play.”

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