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meet and greet me (a newbie^^)


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Hey guys!

I've been reading this forum for a short while now, so I decided to register and have my say as well^^ I'm 21, living in Germany and only recently discovered my love for Led Zeppelin (but I must admit that I do have this big big weakness for Robert Plant^^)..8 months back I heard Since I've been loving you for the first time and from then on my love just developed. I don't have any kind of knowledge about Led Zep yet (I don't even have all the albums yet^^), but I'm trying to find out and learn and find as much as I can about the a mighty Led Zeppelin.

A short explanation of my username: I'm originally (still am) a huge huge T.Rex and Marc Bolan fan, so ZepRex was the perfect combination of the 2 loves of my life^^

So I hope that in future I'll be able to deepen my love for Led Zep through this forum and other discoveries.

Have a wonderful afternoon Zeps :whistling:



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Auch hallo und willkommen hier.

Hope you have a nice stay, there are plenty of amazing people and cool topics here....enjoy it.

Welcome child of the revolution to the club of assorted lunatics.


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Hello ZepRex,

I like your user name! It's great to see new people discovering Zeppelin.

They really were the best band of the Seventies. I should know, I was there!

Have fun surfing the site here. A lot of great info and pics too.

Let me put a plug in right now for you to get Houses of the Holy.

Not everyone will agree, but I think it is their best album on the strength of No Quarter and The Rain Song.

...................:) missy

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Lol tanx Missy and @ all the others..As I said, I'm literally just discovering the sheer genius and beauty of Led Zeppelin, but I'm sure I will fall in love even more^^

@Missy: I'm gonna get houses of the holy next as it's absolutely brilliant..the 2 songs you mentioned are out of this world..great..My fav song right now is Going to California, although it's getting harder to choose I must admit^^

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