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  1. 1970/71, 1972/73, 77, 79. My avatar is from 72. My personal favorite of all.
  2. Very sweet, MSG. So amazing how people we've never met can become so much a part of us.
  3. Really? I wasn't aware they weren't getting along. I just thought they were doing diff things...
  4. Oooh la la! If you look closely the guy in all three photos is wearing the same necklace. Also, the patch is there in the first pic...it's just a trick of the light that it looks like it's missing. It's Robert. Yes...i've given this a lot of thought.
  5. Oh yes, it's the pool pic. some say it's not robert but the photog says it is so...i'll take his word for it. Besides i just want to believe it Honeybrown, I wish I could scan it for you, but scanner is screwed...trying to get hubby to fix, but you know how that goes . I'd order it from Amazon...so worth it.
  6. I know! A couple of weeks ago at half price books, I found four Zep books! I scooped them up so fast I think I spranged my wrist . Lots of good reading for the winter. Ohh...that good times/bad times book has a NICE picture in it! Lordy!!!
  7. You're so welcome! There's a video out there from either the 95 or 98 P/P tour where Robert hugs Jimmy and the crowd goes crazy. When Robert hears their reaction, he turns and does it again. So sweet! I wish I could find it again. Meantime...here's another. I'd listen with the sound off, as I have no earthly idea what it's about, but it's got some great pix of our boys...some I've never seen before.
  8. One night my coworkers and I were sneaking into the movie theater we worked at to watch movies and get high. The Knebworth show was blaring from the radio. Kashmir was playing. My friend had a booming system so the music seemed to come from every place. Already a little "happy", I floated out of the car dancing all over the parking lot wth my arms wide open just taking it in. I was pretty drunk so my friends thought it was hilarious. Funny thing is the music had me more intoxicated, than the booze. I was really just getting into Zep, so it was like love. Probably why Kashmir is my fav zep song.
  9. Robert also used it on Tall Cool One. Nothing like sampling yourself...
  10. Yes, i'm feeling some envy over here as well That is very cool. I wish I would've known about rarities and value and all that when I was a young'un. I've seen some for sell for1K+, but who knows if they're reputable sellers. Just don't know enough about that stuff. Not sure if I was correct in saying the phrase was changed to "Do What thou Wilt"...it may have been added to the other side after the first pressing. I'm sure the Zep experts could tell ya for certain. I don't have a lot of records anymore...I miss them .
  11. SummrMoon


    Any dream involving Robert and Jimmy, I couldn't repeat here . Yeah, although I think some can go overboard analyzing dreams (like anything!), I think they can be something we learn from. I've heard this especially so with recurring dreams. I repeatedly had a dream about walking into a room filled with all types of gleaming, beautiful fruit lined up (like in the grocery store). They were beautiful to look at, and I remember being so happy. Here's were it gets wierd. IN the middle of the room, there was a bathroom stall. Of course that got my attention. Why was this ugly stall in the middle of all this beauty? I had this dream EVERY night. So I pulled out a dreams book my husband had. It said that the fruit represented abundance. The stall represented something unwanted that I had to get ridden of. I thought of the bad attitude I'd been having. I was so focused crap, I neglected the good all around me. After, reading the book, I never had the dream again.
  12. Dave Mustaine Ted Nugent Gene Simmons Courtney Love P.Diddy the guy who made that horrible comment about Clapton's son
  13. ^ the saying comes from the Masons who used it as sort of an "Amen". Like Zoso1960 said, Crowley used it in his writing, so I think Page was just bringing in some of his Crowley fascination. IIRC, it only appeared on 1st early pressing. It changed to "Do What Thou Wilt" on a later pressing. Then I think they just stopped putting it on the records altogether.
  14. II (my first love) IV Physical Graffiti I BBC Sessions How the West Was Won TSRTS
  15. Juvenile...yeah I get that, too. Some people still think Elvis is alive :)

  16. SummrMoon


    I had a dream about Jimmy last night. I was in some dive hotel bar( don't know why), when a suburban type limo pulls up. Out walks Jimmy. He begins walking straight up some stairs. So before I lose my chance, I run after him yelling 'Jimmy! Jimmy'! I remember thinking I wasn't going to make it in time, but he turns around, smiles and walks down the stairs toward me. He looks like he's about 10 feet tall!! I remember thinking, 'I didn't know Jimmy was that tall'. Another wierd thing is he reminded me of Al Jourgensen of Ministry (not sure what that means)....but it was Jimmy. He had the voice, the smile, and that tendency to touch his nose, etc. Anyway he was super nice and posed for photos. The dream was SO real! I couldn't wait to tell everybody that I'd met Jimmy Page. Then I woke up.
  17. I know. When I first saw it I was like "is he golfing??"
  18. Buying a bunch of Zep albums...yeah you're hooked all right!!! I still remember going out and getting those records one by one (I was 17 and short on dough ). It was like a drug ( a love affair )...once I got Zep II, I had to have them all! To this day, any time I bring up Zeppelin, my mom will sing "Bring it on home!" Even she knew the songs from listening to me wear them out. Enjoy!!
  19. I never even thought about it before I read his book. Curious, what made you stop the song?
  20. http://iwdrm.tumblr.com/ Posted this on another thread and someone suggested linking it here. Thx redrum!
  21. Oh, I didn't know about that. Will do!
  22. Oh, no offense taken ! Stairway is one of those songs that we're viscerally protective of isn't it? Believe me i had the same reaction as you at first. Who does he think he is? Stairway is structured PERFECTLY!! I don't know, maybe he thinks it's TOO perfect?? Yet, Shadwick is a pretty insightful guy who breaks down the songs/albums in a way no author i've read has. Sometimes he makes me mad, for instance when he said "Four Sticks" is the weakest song on IV! I freaking love that song, but I'm no music scholar so his take gave me some insight I wouldn't have thought of myself. I don't always agree, though. Anyway, I was willing to go with him and look at Stairway in a different way. Of course he gets it; he pretty much says so. In a way, those last three words have become even more iconic than the whole because of the unifying effect it has/had on the audience. As far as the song needing a calm ending, doesn't Page "descend" (don't know if that's the right term) at the end of his solo to achieve a calming effect? At any rate, I LOVE the song the way it is. Like you said, it does tell a story; but not every story has to have a "tidy" ending.
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