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long lost live album?


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just wanted some info, downloaded some mp3's of Zep live, i know for sure ive never heard it before as ive played HTWWW and TSRTS to death and know every "she my baby and b-b-b-b-b-boogie" so i know its not from them, the download just said released 1973, tracks are

Over the hills

Black dog


since ive been lovin u




if anyone knows the location these shows were recorded that would be nice

i did get HMMT live too, said its from the Texas Pop fest 69

also got hey hey what can i do, lovely!

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I don't know the various boots by name, but that could be almost any show from late 72 to April 73.

There are a couple of recordings where the opener R&R is missing, but none of them have just these songs as far as I can see. So it looks like an edited version of an existing boot.

How good is the sound? Are there any Plantations that might give a clue to the location?

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"and its a good evening, i believe we came here before but it wasnt as warm then...this is one about a labrador and all he could do was boogie"

Sounds like Southampton 22.1.73. I have a version of that called 'Great lost live album'. This is probably the best sound-quality LZ boot out there. It was professionally recorded but never released.

You should try to track down the full version (152 mins).

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yep, i finally heard plant say thank you southampton,cheers guys, ill now look up pics to get an idea of what was goin on! but whats the deal with JPJ on Heartbreaker? keeps dropping out! i love that you can hear the smallness of the venue by the crowd noise! must of been amazing!

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