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  1. Hi zep1 I was at the first show, and I was 17 at the time. Yes, those of us who saw Led Zeppelin will never forget it. I have a programme, but it's not for sale. But they do come up on ebay - there's one there now with 4 days to run, starting price £24.99, and 2 other 'Buy It Nows' for about £50 +postage: Here Cheers Bouillon
  2. Yup. And doncha just know that her 'substandard' third album will be out just in time for Christmas...
  3. bouillon

    WHAT IF?

    Look, I couldn't eat another thing. I'm absolutely stuffed. Bugger off.
  4. bouillon

    WHAT IF?

    Yeah, I'll try anything once....except this, maybe: BARF EDIT: unless they were Brigitte Bardot's
  5. Hi Missy I don't think any of my comments were 'vitriolic'. Brad asked who she was, and I gave a synopsis of her as I saw her, a mixture of fact and opinion (i.e. fair-to-middling, and the Russ Meyer bit). If Brad wants to form his own opinion on her music and appearance, he can check her out on Youtube. If he has any experience of the true greats of the genre within which Amy operated, for example Ella and Billie, he might come to the same conclusion as mine, i.e. that while she was clearly talented, she was not the greatest thing that's hit the scene in the past 50 years. In these musically impoverished times, true heroes are hard to find, and it is often necessary to resort to idolising those who are notable more for their notoriety than their talent. Cheers Bouillon
  6. bouillon

    WHAT IF?

    I dunno how they'll cook us, BIGDAN, but I just hope they kill us first. You'd assume frying would be out of the question, since their superior knowledge would have led them to abandon that unhealthy method millions of years ago. The worst thing would be if they skinned us and boiled us alive, like they do with cats in China
  7. bouillon

    WHAT IF?

    ^ Hi mate, good to see you here Yes I think I saw that too, but there are so many of them tucked away on those insomniac channels, aren't there? But it goes to show that there's a market for them. There are clearly more of us nutters around than the cynics would have you believe, so let's all wave our freak flags high, eh?
  8. bouillon

    WHAT IF?

    FTFY. Human flesh is supposed to taste a bit like chicken, isn't it? How ironic it would be if they acquired the taste, colonised the planet, and farmed us so they could serve us up as fast food. I think everyone assumes they would be about the same size as us, but they might actually be a lot bigger, and if so, they wouldn't want to be messing around with poxy little bits of KFC, would they? The existing KFC joints would however come in handy as a fully-formed infrastructure to facilitate their feeding frenzy, although of course they'd need bigger boxes. And buckets.
  9. Who was she, you mean. She was a fair-to-middling jazzy chanteuse who got lured into a life of sleazery by her ex-husband, and had been on death-watch for the past 3 or 4 years. Consequently she got adopted as poster-girl by all the angst-ridden teenage chicks, many of whom now think it's really cool to get off their heads on drugs and drink. Also, she looked like a cruel dominatrix out of a Russ Meyer movie.
  10. +1. Zappa was quite fond of it too, I believe. Although simple, the riff has a balanced, kinetic and insistent quality, which is lacking in most of the other bone-crushing and often disjointed songs from their classic period (i.e. up to Sabotage, which happens to be my favourite). Interesting that Bonzo was yelling 'Supernaut' throughout. Assuming this element of the story was circulating at the time, maybe that's where 1000 Homo DJs got the idea for their version...?
  11. ^ Ah, I understand now, that makes perfect sense. Thank you for clarifying.
  12. Ah, bubbles....saw that, and thought of this: Mormon Bubble Porn
  13. Ok, that's four days of mourning now. I think it's ok to start with the jokes.
  14. I am glad, on so many levels, that I don't live near you.
  15. If you don't listen to her, how do you know she has some good songs?
  16. It doesn't get much better than this: ...even better than the real thing?
  17. Seems that's the only Rumer Google Images knows too. Man, did I get a shock when I Googled my darling, and only found tons of scary pics of Ms Willis
  18. One way to check would be RP's spoken intro before WLL, which is muddy in some versions, or even missing. My mid-70s TMQ pressing (red & green vinyl) sounded fantastic - very clear, a bit trebly maybe, but not at all muddy. Wish I still had it.
  19. Yeah, sounds good to me. Do it, go on go on go on...
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol: :hysterical: The latter.
  21. Well yes, Rob, and I totally agree, but you know what I mean. I've actually read your blog a couple of times, and found it totally fascinating. I'm not at all skeptical about this area in gereral, least of all you specifically. In fact, I had been considering contacting you about something, but I didn't know whether you do relatively trivial non-'life or death' stuff...?
  22. I like Rumer too, she's a class act, unlike that mega-throated walrus Adele. She's also pretty damn hot - not that that really matters, but it does help. IMO.
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