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Tour 2012?


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Please check this out. Is it true? :blink:

Hi Black Dog,

Its either what we have all been waiting for or its a bunch of Hog Wash, when Sam or Knebby confirm that this is a legitimate collaboration then and only then will I get my hopes up, until then I'm as sceptical as I have ever been.

Why have T Bone Producing 5 songs? surly Jimmy would do that wouldn't you think?

Regards, Danny

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This site has already been discussed.

Personally I think it is one great hoax, just like the album title given:

χυμεία3, and/or χυμεία

The site claims:

"The Albums title is a reference to Alchemy and includes the inscription that is interpreted as “a mysterious and hidden alchemy mixture”.

Which is absolute bullshit, the Greek word "χυμεία" means nothing more than "chemistry".......no alchemistic mystery about it.

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My heart skipped a beat when I saw the topic of this post, but after visiting the website it does look like a total hoax to play with fan's feelings :( ..Not nice at all..I will not believe anything until I actually see an official press release...

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