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Need Song Info. Please,

Albert Lisi

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I went to every Led Zep concerts here in the states evry time they came around. and one time during the 70ts someone stole there cocert moneys from the hotel vault, when they were in New York! So they wrote and sang this song during the week they were here on tour. Can you please tell me were can I hear this song again? It goes like,,,Someone stole our money.

Thats one line from the song I only heard it once at there show and never again.

Do you know were I can hear it again?

Thanks AL Lisi of East Brunswick nj

Need the name of the song Led Zeppelin's song they sang in 1976 about ther stolen Money?I went to a Led Zepplin concert in 1976. And they sang a song that went like this...Quote from song...

(Someone stole our money, Someone stole or cash..) Thats all I can remember. it was From the moneys stolen from the safe box of the Drake Hotel in New York city. From ther 1973 Tour here.

Did they ever release that song, or does anyone know were I can hear it again? PLEASE

Thanks AL,, Page Fan!

You can E-Mail me here if you have the answer...

Thanks AL in N.J.


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