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Robert Plant & Band of Joy Receive Two TEC Awards


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Robert Plant and the Band of Joy have received two Awards:


Record Production/Single or Track

“Angel Dance”, Robert Plant

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Live in Concert, NPR Music


About The TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio:

Founded in 1990, the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio is a 501© (3) public benefit corporation, dedicated to recognizing and furthering excellence in audio, video, music and other communications media arts. The Foundation’s signature program is the Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, honoring outstanding achievement in audio technology and production. The Foundation endows scholarship programs for the audio arts and sciences at leading universities and presents its own TEC Scholarship to deserving students. http://tecfoundation.com


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You know, it's funny...when I was a kid, Led Zeppelin were pretty much persona non grata with all the award shows. They seemingly had as much chance of winning a Grammy as I did.

Which was fine by me. As the 70s went on and I grew up, I discovered that most of the truly rich and groundbreaking music seldom got recognized by the Industry poobahs. In fact, it sort of became a badge of honour that Zeppelin never won any Grammys or AMAs, etc...they were in good company along with bands like the Stooges, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, Queen and the Who.

So it's kind of amusing and a bit of a culture shock to see Robert Plant all of a sudden winning awards left and right. Even Led Zeppelin has picked up a slew of lifetime achievement awards in recent times.

Good for them.

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