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Bad reviews os Led Zeppelin's 4th album


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In my scrapbook there are two bad reviews for Houses of the Holy, one of them is awful, here is a snippet " More problems with the sleeve design, hence the delay. They,ve again refused to acknowledge themselves on the cover, and instead settle for a slip-over paper band with ethe album title................What takes place inside is less pleasing. Much was expected of this, their fifth album since they appeared to have cleared the last awkward hurdle from format rock band to something finer.................On Houses of the holy both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are strangely sluggish and vacant..............and they seem to have run out of good melody lines as witnessed by "The Crunge"......and then the tit writes "D'yer Mak'er is another fill track. A not very amusing parody on a 50's boy-loses-girl-and-weeps teen ballad. Bass and drums help build some power and Plants guitar (Plants?????????) is a wicked send up of that age". It was signed AT and he gave it two stars who picked these reporters in the 70's.

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