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Ideal Reunion Setlist

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Monday's setlist was fine, but here's a setlist that I'd REALLY like to see:

Good Times Bad Times -- this was a great intro monday, really set the tone for the concert

Rock n Roll

Out on the Tiles -- don't think they've played this live before, but its a total rocker than fits in nicely

after the first two

Dazed and Confused -- downtime after the high energy first three

The Song Remains the Same

Over the Hills and Far Away -- this was always one of their BEST songs when played live

Dancing Days -- also a fantastic song played live

No Quarter -- Again little down time; completes a nice little tribute to HOTH

Sick Again

Trampled Underfoot


Ten Years Gone -- End the official part of the set list with one of their best ballads

Encore 1 --Whole Lotta Love

Encore 2 --Black Dog

Encore 3 --When the Levee Breaks -- I think every Zep fan worth his salt wants to here this

classic played live. Great final encore.

This is just a great list, and within reason; I'd love to see song like the Immigrants Song, the Ocean,

Bron - y -aur - Stomp, Going to California, but a) Plants voice and Jimmy's waning dexterity can't

do a lot of these song justice anymore, and B) you're not realistically going to get any acoustic sets on the reunion tour -- too time consuming.

Only problem with the setlist is no Stairway, and its a trifle long.

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Monday's reunion featured an amazing set. It had the classics you knew they would probably play, as well as some less prominant number from Zeppelin's live stes in the late 60's and 70's, as well as a first time debut. They obviously couldn't play everything, and I'm quite please with their song selection.

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