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Thank you, you have just reminded me of the beauty of Kotor.

Coincidentally, reflecting back upon past years, I came to the conclusion that the summer of 2001, when I was on vacation in Kotor, was the happiest of my life.

I remember driving around the coastline with my friend. I remember having fun in trendy discos by night, by day strolling the alleys and cobblestone streets of old Kotor, climbing the fortress, swimming, just living life, sitting in plazas to have a beer, a pizza. My friend in his car would only listen to the soundtrack of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. He had fun listening to that, I promised that, upon returning to my country, I'd watch Lock Stock, which actually never did.

Personally, I found Kotor a paradise. I had the entire city for myself. While tourists were busy in packed (and pricey) nearby destinations like Dubrovnik or Split, I just marvelled at the place and learnt that fjords were not exclusive to Scandinavia. On one day I decided to swim the fjord, one end to another, I had no fear of swimming those unknown waters, today ten years later I lost most of the excitement and adventure of youth, and fear drives most of my daily decisions, but those bright and sunny images of Kotor are still deep inside in my mind.

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