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Went to the Sound City Players concert last night at the Hollywood Palladium. Just woke up about an hour ago, as I didn't get to bed until 5am, and now I've got to get ready for work tonight. So no time to write up the show now, other than to say it was great.

Didn't go to the movie premiere, just the concert. Thought that Tom Petty might make an appearance, especially with Stevie Nicks on the bill, but no such luck. Foo Fighters basically were the House Band with the parade of special guests each getting a set...some longer than others. Too many to list and some I didn't recognize or have a clue about...one was some guy from Slipknot, a band I've never paid attention to.

John Fogerty was great! As was the Cheap Trick set.

Anyway, since I don't have time, here's a writeup on the show: http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/02/live-review-dave-grohls-sound-city-players-at-las-palladium-131/

Here's a couple clips from one of my favourite sets of the night:


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Stevie Nicks! Cheap trick! John Fogarty! Foo Fighters!

No wonder you were up till 5. What an evening! Looking forward to your review.

I will be in your town a couple of times this year. Once I know the exact dates I would like to bother you with suggesting for me an entertainment entry to my itinerary. My searches so far have all come up with a Bon Jovi concert. Ya, not so much. I know timing is everything though.

Hope you have a good evening at work.



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Very cool.

John Fogerty can really play that guitar! Who knew?!

Stevie is amazing. Saw her in 2006 with Petty.

Um, Cheap Trick?! Yeeeooowww! Surrender....Robin Zander was a secret crush of mine! Nobody in my circle of friends liked them....

Dave Grohl is crazy!

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Here's another great highlight from Stevie's set...basically the Foo Fighters fronted by Stevie Nicks. Incidentally, I was just a bit behind and to the right of the guy who filmed this clip...Pat Smear was almost directly in front of me.

Anyway, check out this ripping version of "Gold Dust Woman"(Led Zep Girl, you would have...well, I'm sure you can guess):

One surprise to me was Rick Springfield...who knew he was so popular? :o

As I mentioned, the Fogerty set was ace! John seemed to get a kick out of playing with the Foos as much as they did with John. Of course, "Fortunate Son" had to be in the set!:

In honour of the Super Bowl being in New Orleans, here's "Born on the Bayou":

The only negative to the night was the usual mediocre sound of the Hollywood Palladium...it's not a venue with good acoustics, unfortunately.

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I was there also. (yet another concert that both me and Strider attended)

Corey Stevens is the guy, I think, from Slipknot - he was singing the Cheap Trick stuff. Rick Neilson was great, he's always great. The drummer from Rage Against the Machine was another guy who sat in, his name escapes me at the moment, but great drummer.

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club did a few tunes. Lee Ving of Fear did a frantic short set that was well received. It was a great show overall. And, sorry, but I don't blame the venue at all for the sound - it's the fucking sound man - he's deaf. No excuse for sound like that, not in 2012. I keep hearing concerts like this lately, WTF, the dreaded invention of the sub-woofer is ruining show after show, man! (Even the Zeppelin 02 gig suffered from this horrible phenomenon, I understand) Ok, rant over

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