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Zeppelin vs Sabbath


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For me its more about the riffs for Sabbth. I love that Heavy Sound. Zeppelin to me have more variety and more popular status. I have heard a lot of references to Zeppelin in the media a lot. Its almost like the Media are trying to act like its cool to use Zeppelin in a refernce explaining music.

I think the media does this because Zeppelin set a standard in music that no other band has been able to meet. Zeppelin - best band ever.

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I don't really like these kinds of comparisons as I like both (actually, all three drummers). BUT, Bonzo had more to him than what the casual listener might think. Anyway, check out these comments...

Bill ward -Black Sabbath:The first time Ward ever saw Bonham perform was in a club in England, when both drummers were just 15 years old. Ward clearly remembers that young Bonzo had chops beyond his years. Simply put: He kicked ass.

Cozy Powell

"I'm not really impressed by a lot these days but, personally, I like John Bonham. There's long gap between him and all the others as far as I'm concerned. Some people may like Carl Palmer and some may like Billy Cobham but I'm talking about rock and roll drummers and he's the best. It's not that he does much that's particularly flash, he's just always there keeping the whole thing going."

"John and I are good friends anyway but I'm after his crown!"

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