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My latest MUST-SEE!


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This is so badass.

Caught this trailer Friday night before the start of The Wolverine (which wasn't bad at all, considering I'm not an X-Men fan) and was blown away.

From the Director of District 9, so it's got street cred.

And Matt Damon is really stepping up in the action roles.

To be fair, it looks to have a lot of politics sown in (class warfare, environmental issues), but that's usually part of a good movie plot, anyway.

Opens August 9, and I'm planning on being there with a sweet buzz on, LOL.

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Looks like a good one. Just hope they didn't just have the best parts of the movie in the trailer. Anyone seen any reviews of this film and whether or not it's quality film and not just a lot of action with fx.

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if its even half the movie District 9 was, then it should be worth the ticket price. Based on the trailer, it looks fantastic.


I think District 9 was highly underrated.

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As Bob Seger sang, Tonight's The Night!

I am super-psyched to see this one.
Which is unfortunate, in a way.

I much prefer to be surprised how good a movie is, rather than anticipating how good a movie is.

Either way, it's on, baybeee!

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Well, is this really a "must see" or should I save my money?

I loved it.

It wasn't quite at the level of, say, Avatar in terms of jaw-dropping, but it was pretty awesome.

I would rate it as having the same type of impact, visually, as Prometheus.

And the IMAX version is pretty intense.

You feel like you're there.

And the soundtrack was good.

There was some dubstep in it, and it was perfect for the particular scene.

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